Lucky Builder Wins ₤105 Million And Gives His Remaining Customers A Wonderful Christmas Gift

Publisert January 4, 2020

Lottery prizes vary in size and sometimes we win just enough to buy our next ticket and other times we’re lucky and win so much it changes our lives forever. However, it’s how we go about using that money which would ultimately determine whether or not we find comfort and happiness we desire down the line.

All About The Winner

All About The Winner - CasinoTopSteve Thomson, a native to Selsey, West Sussex, has decided to proceed with his work as usual as he feels this would help him live a normal life; however, there’s nothing normal about having ₤105 million in your bank account. Steve has also gone to show that he has a heart of gold, as he not only continued to complete the projects that were queued, but he’d also refused to take any payment from many of his clients. He sees this as an early Christmas gift from him to them.

Steve is the ninth-biggest winner in the United Kingdom in history, and £105 million is no small prize. He has also recently completed the installation of a conservatory for one of his neighbours, and as expected, he didn’t charge her a cent. His neighbours still see him going about his day and still using his yellow work van, which he claims is still in use as he would no longer be working after he completes his remaining projects, hence there would be no need to buy a new one.

The winner had been a regular lottery player for 25 years and had always said that he’d be happy to help the community if he were to win. Steve and his wife Lenka have planned to purchase a new home as they would like each of their three children to have their own space, this would also make their living conditions more pleasant.Lenka has also resigned from her job where she worked in a convenience store.

Everything hasn’t been all sunshine and daisies for Mr Thomson, he’s claimed that he’s been on an emotional rollercoaster since the win and going back to work part-time is the only way he’d been able to keep a level head.

Winning the Lottery - CasinoTop

Winning the Lottery

As amazing as it sounds, winning the lottery is definitely a double-edged sword, as there are people who have no idea how to work with money. You’ll often read about how a youngster who’d won a few million had blown through it all in a matter of years, and sometimes months.

Fortunately, there are steps to take to ensure that you don’t fall into this trap of getting too excited and splurging.

Live a Normal Life

We’re often tempted to spend big when our bank accounts have a few extra zeros attached; however, this is where we often shoot ourselves in the foot, as things can be really expensive, and when we have the money, we tend to ignore the price. You’ll often hear about millionaires going broke soon after winning the lottery due to this mismanagement of funds.

The best way to avoid spiralling out of control is to live your life as you did before, this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to spoil yourself, in fact, we encourage it, but it’s vital to remember that that money should last a very long time and if you’re planning on quitting your job, the best way to go about is to look into ways of making your money grow and generating a passive income.

Don’t Flaunt Your Wealth - CasinoTopDon’t Flaunt Your Wealth

The last thing you’d want to do is to flaunt and boast about your newfound wealth, be quiet about it and do your best not to draw attention to yourself. People will expect handouts, especially friends and family, and whether or not you choose to give them anything, there will be problems as they’ll be coming back for more.
There’s also the possibility of attracting attention from the wrong kinds of people, such as gangs who will extort you and threaten to do damage to your property or worse.

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