Lucky Couple Wins Big and Claim the Life They Always Wanted

Publisert January 4, 2020

The best things may often happen when we least expect it, whether it’s something small or something big, it’s hard to predict when these things may happen. For the couple of eight, Tommy and Shelly Roche, their long day turned into something that seems to only have happened in movies.

About The Couple - CasinoTopAbout The Couple

Tommy and Shelley Roche are a married couple who have lived a basic life in their three-bedroom council home in the suburb of Eltham, which is located in southeastern London. They are parents to eight children aged twelve, ten, nine, seven, five, three, one, and eight months and they’ve never been on a trip abroad as a family or been to a theme park of any kind.

They’ve been together since the tender age of fifteen and have been married for two years, now thirty years of age, Tommy is unemployed, after having worked for a recycling centre two years ago and Shelley is a full-time carer for one of their sons who has ADHD.

Due to their unemployment and financial status, the couple are on child benefits and child tax credit and have fallen to ill fortunes over recent years having lost a mother and a grandmother.

How It All Happened

The couple had been playing one of the Bet365 games and they had made a deposit of ₤58 into their online account with the intention of playing games which were set with a minimum bet of ₤1 a spin.
When Shelley made a trip to the loo, Tommy proceeded to make the first bet and upon her return, she’d noticed that Tommy had won something. Seeing that this was the first time either of them had played any online slot game, they assumed that their win was small, perhaps ₤16 or somewhere in that range.

To their disbelief, they saw that the amount was big enough to change their lives for the better. The couple is walking away with ₤3.79 million, which is by no means small change. After winning, they tried contacting immediate family and they only had to wait until the next day to withdraw the money.

Future Plans - CasinoTop

Future Plans

Tommy and Shelley are determined to give their family a better life by moving out of the three-bedroom house and into a six-bedroom home in Dover, Kent which is a quiet little town near the coast, which the children will enjoy as they’ll be able to visit the beach more often. The couple now own a fleet of cars in addition to the beloved Volkswagen Beetle Tommy had kept over the years, which include a Vauxhall Corsa, a Ford Transit Van, and a Ford Focus ST-3, they also plan on purchasing a BMW X5. The couple hasn’t splurged on expensive sports cars but rather on practical vehicles which will serve them well in the long run.

Due to the size of their old car, they were unable to stay out past 4 pm due to the fact that they had to take public transport. Now Shelley is keen to take the kids on an overseas trip to Disneyland and New York City. This has truly been a remarkable turn of events for the couple and their family.

Investment and Business - CasinoTopInvestment and Business

Apart from purchasing a lavish new home and a fleet of cars, the couple plans to make their money grow. Tommy plans to invest in property and rent it back to the council and Shelley hopes to either purchase a salon or a bakery. Either way, it’s an intelligent move for the couple to keep working towards making their fortune grow, rather than to rest on their laurels and blow through the money.

This couldn’t have come at a better time for the couple, with eight kids and no source of income other than from the local government, this money has definitely saved their lives and has turned things around for them. A touching story of how our luck can change in an instant and how we can make the most of what we have regardless of our circumstances.

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