NFL Betting: A-List Quarterback Kyle Murray On Recent Loss

Publisert January 4, 2020

Kyle Murray, the NFL star quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, has been creating quite a stir in news headlines. The most recent of these waves regarded his loss against the San Francisco 49ers which he was interviewed on. Needless to say, the young athlete has yet to find closure on his team’s loss.

Kyle Murray has recently been ranked amongst the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL. This comes as no surprise given the players a strong reputation on the field. What does come as a surprise, however, is how fast Murray made it to the top 10 and with the recent loss his team took, the player may just be concerned that his rank may very well drop should the team not make up for it with a win.

Still A Star - CasinoTopStill A Star

Despite the Cardinals losing four games in a row, Kyle Murray still managed to secure a spot as one of the top 10 star quarterbacks in the NFL. So what earned the newbie quarterback his reputation? Murray managed to hold onto the ball 8 times, gaining a touchdown in the process. His dedication and commitment to the ball in play was evident all through the game played in San Francisco against the 49ers.

Considering this is the 22-year old’s first season in the NFL and he is already ranking number 9 out of the 10 A-list quarterbacks, his future seems like a promising one, despite the loss.

When interviewed about the game where the Cardinals lost to the 49ers, Murray responded by saying that he wasn’t used to losing and this was after losing the 16-0 lead to the San Francisco. Murray, however, showed the audience his superb form on the offense and went on to tell reporters that he considers himself to be a competitor. He went on to say that he loved football and that being on the field made him. He also said that he planned on going hard on the rest of the team when they got into the locker room and that it was pretty much all he could do.

Winning Attitude - CasinoTopWinning Attitude

Murray’s disappointment at the loss was evident and judging by his fierceness, fans can most likely expect to see a win in the future for the Cardinals. If Kyle Murray’s reputation is anything to go by, the Arizona Cardinals will be making a win any day now.

This is exactly the kind of news and attitude Arizona fans are looking for following the recent losses of the team. The hard talk will most assuredly pick up the team and all will look to Kyle Murray’s attitude for guidance. This news was accepted by the masses and the upcoming games are said to be tough for the Cardinals. However, with Murray desperately seeking a win and going hard on the team, it seems that there may actually be a silver lining for the team and supporters.

All fans and supporters can do now is look to the future and hope Murray’s position will get the team the win they so desperately need.

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