NFL Betting Update: Ravens Power Ranking After Win over the Rams

Publisert January 4, 2020

The Raven’s recent win over the Ram’s has been circulating international headlines. Lamar Jackson showed off once again and led his team to number one ranking. Over the past few seasons the Ravens have been showing true talent and if they haven’t ranked at the top in their past performances, they have ranked at number two.

The Baltimore Ravens have been receiving praise from some of the most prestigious media in the States and much of what is said has been aimed as a star player, Lamar Jackson. The Ravens took the Los Angeles Rams in a game that scored an impressive 46-6 score, leaving them in the dust. Jackson has been described as one of the most victorious quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. The player hit 5 touchdowns and tallied up 95 yards on the ground which set him at an all-time new heights in his career within the NFL.

Hitting Cool Milestones

The historic moment has made Jackson the second-ever player to cover more than 90 yards in a game, the first being Cam Newton which covered as much back in 2015. Jackson is also the second player to have 5 touchdown passes in one single game.

Making MVP case once again, Lamar Jackson was the star of the show, making the Rams quarterback fight his way through the game and mightily struggling to get the score up from its dire and lacking value of 6. The player is only in his second year as quarterback and reporters are labelling him MVP player yet again.

After the game, the team members of the Ravens were interviewed and when the spotlight fell to Jackson, he told reporters that he and his team are hungry and chasing something.

With the upcoming game focused on the Ravens taking on the 49ers, there is without a doubt some fear instilled in the opposing team. With Jackson proving his value to the team, the Ravens are bound to attract and create quite a stir.

Jackson completed 15 of his 20 passes in 169 yards and receiver Marquise Brown received a number of passes from Jackson adding to the excitement of the game.

About Lamar Jackson

The star quarterback is thriving at the tender age of 22 and has been the center of attention for 2 years now. Hailing from Louisville, Jackson has already received a number of awards that got him the National Football League’s attention. Jackson currently has the following awards under his name.

  • The Heisman Trophy
  • Associated Press College Football Player of the Year
  • The All Atlantic Coast Conference football team

With his current career shining bright and a number of games lined up in the new year, we can expect to see Jackson perform at the top of his team. The young athlete has a promising future ahead and the game against the 49ers will prove to be the tipping point. If Jackson can perform as mightily as he has, he may just enter the NFL Hall of Fame.

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