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Publisert January 4, 2020

Thanksgiving is one of America’s greatest celebrations, that and the NFL. It is the time of year where we give thanks for all we have received during the year, it is a time that we share with our family and it’s a time where we watch some of the greatest NFL teams battle it out on the field to take the win. What many don't know, however, is that there is, in fact, a tradition behind it all. There is a reason to why the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions can be watched and counted on each and every Thanksgiving since the beginning of the National Football League.

The year has been an interesting one and this Thanksgiving the Cowboys will be hosting the Bills, The Falcon’s the Saints and the Lions vs. the Bears. The tradition began decades ago and it all started with the Lions and the manager back then, George A Richards, wanting and needing to attract more fans and build a broader reputation. The idea occurred back in 1934 and has since been going strong and most certainly working for the masses.

It’s All Part of Effective Marketing - CasinoTop

It’s All Part of Effective Marketing

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated times of the year for any NFL fan and is all thanks to marketing strategies that have successfully gained more fans. Once upon a time, Lion’s stadium couldn’t be filled but when George Richards came up with the ingenious idea to host a game over Thanksgiving, the stadium filled up so much so that fans had to be turned away. America wanted to see the NFL’s Lions in action over one of the most precious days of the year and remain doing so decades later.

In addition to hosting the game, Richards owned a radio station that he managed to sign with NBC which granted him airtime and televised footage of the team in action over Thanksgiving. The success was so extraordinary that the game was aired over 94 stations in the US. While the Lion’s weren’t the first football team to play over Thanksgiving, they were the first team to gain such attention and correctly advertise and televise their game.

It is What it Is

Now, many fans enjoying turkey and all the delish goodies served at the table, can also enjoy watching the Dallas Cowboys in all their glory playing hardball on the field. The tradition stretched far and wide and has to reach notorious NFL teams such as the Cowboys and the Bears. The Dallas Cowboys joined in on the traditional fun back in 1966 and they too attracted masses of fans that filled the bleachers over this very special day. Today they are still admired over the festive season just as much as they are any other day of the year, it’s just that Thanksgiving is one of the times the entire family can get in on the action and has something to look forward to.

With the tradition being a successful one, we can anticipate many more years of the NFL entertaining the masses over a time where we really do have something to be thankful for.

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