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Publisert January 4, 2020

The NASCAR Cup Series race is one of the most anticipated motor sports events in the industry and with the close of the race having just concluded, we take a look at some of the best highlights of the event which took place at the Homestead-Miami Speedway in November 2019.

Some would say that the events that unfolded during the Cup Series could have been more enthralling but instead they were noted as ‘anticlimactic’ by some reporters. Despite the rather dismal description of the event, there were a few surprises in store for some supporters. NASCAR’s Kyle Busch was one of the highlights to make the news as his win of almost 5 seconds over Martin Truex got him his second career championship and most likely a slew of new supporters. He showed true talent in his driving skills after the final pit stop had been left in the dust. By this point it was evident Busch would take home the win, leaving Truex8 seconds behind trailing in the dust.

Online Casino & Sports Betting NASCAR 2019 Highlights Recapped element01 - CasinoTopThe fastest car

It is believed that the winner of the Cup Series, Kyle Busch, had the fastest car but only in the second half of the race. This is what earned him his second championship title. Busch was in an overall lead of 120 laps.
It was thought that Truex would take the Cup Series on Sunday, however, one of the highlights was the failed attempt at switching tyres. The crew had mistakenly switched the wrong rubbers which ultimately left Truex turning around almost immediately. This slowed his time and despite being able to catch up to the leaders, the NASCAR champion simply couldn’t gain the lead.

Truex wasn’t the only one to have a problem in the pit, Denny Hamlin experienced a grill mishap which ultimately cost him his lead. A piece of grill tape had covered too big of an area over the grill. To avoid overheating, Hamlin had to come to a second stop which set him ranked at 11th position in the race. This was possibly one of the most costing mistakes of the race and this took place only minutes before Busch took the win. Hamlin was making headlines just before 6pm, and most assuredly cost the sports racer the title.

Larson, an excellent racer, also experienced issues that would cost him the race and expel him from completion. These issues arose from his engine and Larson was unable to complete the race.

Our thoughts

Overall, had it not been for Truex, Hamlin and Busch, there wouldn’t have been many highlights to look forward to. It was expected that Hamlin take the win but after such pit fails, it was inevitable Busch would walk away with the title. The NASCAR racers took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the race and many feel that the main event isn’t truly over and 2020 may show some serious competition.

The highlights of the event could be followed on Twitter as updates were posted as events unfolded.

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