Phil Neville Will Lead England Women Team to 2021 European Championship

Publisert January 4, 2020

Phil Neville Will Lead England Women Team to 2021 European Championship element01 - CasinoTopRegardless of the weak run outcomes since the World Cup, Phil Neville will remain as the head coach of the Lionesses’ – the women's soccer team of England.

The Football Association has come to a decision that Phil Neville is still the right man to take the Lionesses’ to the 2021 European Championship. This announcement came as a surprise since the team has failed to produce significant results ever since the World Cup.

According to reports, Neville is enjoying the full support of higher-ranking figures in the organization and it is understood that they will back him until his contract laps. This means he will carry on coaching the Lionesses and lead the England Women's team to the Olympics in 2020.

Dawn Scott Appointed As Head Of Sports Science And Fitness

Meanwhile, the FA appointed Dawn Scott over the weekend as the new head of sports science and fitness. She will focus on refining players’ athletic development and physical training while lessening the possibility of injuries. Scott has worked with the US team in the past in 2012 when they pull off to become Olympic Gold medallists and continuous world champions. She will begin her duties on January 2, 2020, at St George’s Park.

England Defeat TheCzech Republic 2-3

The Lionesses’ last match of the year ended with a victory as a result of Leah Williamson deflected last-minute strike in the 86th minute. Even if the team did not show their skills and capabilities of the to its fullest and their performance lacked, they still managed to achieve a win and the outcome relieved the strain to some extent.
Neville admitted after a scrambled win of 3-2 against the team of the Czech Republic last week, that the Lionesses is not doing their best at all. He stated that the team will need to make some substantial improvements and pointed out that too many goals are passed. According to him, this is giving the competing team the impression that they can get to them and gain a win.

He went on saying that he “never” felt pressure on him and praised the FA for their unbelievable support and thanked them for throwing their absolute weight behind the next push the team is about to make.

England Lost 2-1To Germany - CasinoTopEngland Lost 2-1To Germany

A huge blow was seen in England women's soccer when team Germany won the Lionesses 2-1 at Webley stadium. The pre-match sales for this match came close to being sold out completely and approximately 77,768 fans attended the game. It is said that this was the highest attendance for a soccer match in the country. England lost to Germany on this day and it was their 5th defeat in 7 games from the World Cup finals.

Head Coach Neville stated that he had not achieved his goal as a manager, and the players too did not perform as they should have. Therefore, they will take full responsibility for the defeat. He pointed out that ultimately the buck stops with him.

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