Playing Casino Games in UK: Licensing, Regulation and Payments

Publisert August 29, 2020

With the popularity of gambling in the United Kingdom ever-increasing, rules and regulations around gaming are ever-changing as well. Gamblers in the UK love betting on so many things, from online casino games to sports betting. And who wouldn’t want to try their hand at winning along with their favourite sports team or playing on an online casino from the comfort of their home? Even though gambling regulation is relatively new in the UK, laws have been passed to make sure a variety of betting opportunities are made available to UK residents.

Licensing & Regulation

The birth of gambling regulations came into effect with the Gambling Act 2005, when the UK Gambling commission was first formed and set out to standardise all gambling regulations offering rules to make sure that all casinos have set criteria of operation. The UKGC oversees casinos and other gambling businesses to prevent gambling from being overrun by criminal activity or used as a means of criminal activity. The Commission also ensures that gambling is done openly and fairly, also to protect minors and other vulnerable parties from being exploited.

To run a gambling service in the UK, you need to make an application with the UK Gambling Commission and pay a registration fee. There is an online application process to help make the process faster, as it can take up to 16 weeks for an application to be completed. Furthermore, there are three types of licenses that can be obtained. These are a personal functional licence, an operating licence, or a personal management licence. Note that these are all obtained from the UK Gambling Commission.

Legal Age Limits

The legal age for gambling in the UK is set at 18 and older, whether it is online or at a land-based casino. Casinos are obligated to request proof of identification or any other supporting documents to make sure that the law is upheld and to avoid any liability to business and state.

One major exception to the rule is that from the age of 16 you are allowed to participate in football pools, play lotteries and try your hand at some scratch cards.

The laws setup for gambling do not only set the age standard and other regulations for individuals but also have rules set out for the casinos offering these games.

Casino operators must pay 15% on all profits, must have a license issued by the Gambling Commission, complying with all codes of conduct, and follow the rules set out for advertising administered by the Advertising Standard Authority.

Payment Methods

There are various payment methods available when you finally find the game best suited to you. With the variety of options available, you are spoiled for choice. It’s important to note that when betting on online casinos, the use of credit cards have been banned as of April 2020, to limit the amount of fraudulent activity. You will still be able to make use of many other payment methods, such as uKash, Paypal, Visa, Boku, etc. Making it easier to deposit and withdraw any winnings.

Gambling regulations have undergone many amendments over the years, but the fact remains that the legislation is set and helps put the mind at ease when taking a risk to try and win in the UK.

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