Playing Keno Games Online in the UK

Publisert April 15, 2020

Playing Keno games online is a fun, quick and simple way for casino players to get into the action. Featuring a lottery based system built up around numbers ranging from 1 to 80, Keno is an incredibly easy casino game to pick up, which still offers a variety of strategies and playstyles.

Originating in ancient China and attributed to helping fund the construction of the Great Wall, it is now offered by countless online and land based casinos, earning its place as a mainstay hosted by a large selection of establishments.

To make things even easier we’ve written up a clear and concise guide that aims to provide an introductory course into the world of Keno, as well as providing some additional information for players wanting to take their betting to the next level.

Game Rules

While there are a decent amount of variations of online Keno, they will all generally follow the same principles of providing players with a predertimed number of selections from the 80 numbers available. Players will usually be offered a range between a maximum of 10 to 20 selections that they can choose between, depending on the particular variation of Keno in question. After participants have made their Playing Keno Games Online in the UK Element 01 - CasinoTopselections, 20 out of the 80 numbers available, ranging from 1 to 80 will be randomly picked. The more of those 20 numbers that coincide with your picks the greater the payout. Keep in mind that 120-way and 190-way Keno also exist, which ramps up the number of possible selections available.

Minimum bet amounts and payouts can differ in the various offerings of Keno, but generally depend on the number selections you are able to place, as well as the number of selections you get right. A larger number of selections tend to result in lesser payout percentages, while lowering the potential risk of not hitting on any of the called out numbers. It is also possible to win massive jackpots from a round, which will usually require a minimum of 9 or 10 selections that will have to coincide with the called out results.

You should never expect to match 20 numbers, as the chances of managing such a feat are 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,336. Virtually impossible basically. Most players tend to play with between 3 and 9 picks, which is a happy medium between the risk and reward of a round of Keno. It is however important to first become familiar with any additional rules or payout structures of the type of Keno you decide to play on, as these can vary from platform to platform.

Keno Odds

The only gameplay aspects that change in a game of Keno, from round to round, is the numbers you select and the numbers that are called. This means that the odds are fixed and allows for a more easy to learn understanding of the probabilities involved. The probabilities listed below will always remain the same, so you can always refer back to this guide, should you need a quick refresher before placing a bet.

0 numbers matching have a 1 in 843 likelihood.
1 number matching has a 1 in 86 likelihood.
2 numbers matching have a 1 in 20 likelihood.
3 numbers matching have a 1 in 8 likelihood.
4 numbers matching have a 1 in 4 likelihood.
5 numbers matching have a 1 in 9 likelihood.
6 numbers matching have a 1 in 5 likelihood.
7 numbers matching have a 1 in 9 likelihood.
8 numbers matching have a 1 in 20 likelihood.
9 numbers matching have a 1 in 61 likelihood.
10 numbers matching have a 1 in 253 likelihood.
11 numbers matching have a 1 in 1,423 likelihood.
12 numbers matching have a 1 in 10,968 likelihood.
13 numbers matching have a 1 in 118,084 likelihood.
14 numbers matching have a 1 in 1,821,881 likelihood.
15 numbers matching have a 1 in 41,751,453 likelihood.
16 numbers matching have a 1 in 1,496,372,110 likelihood.
17 numbers matching have a 1 in 90, 634,035,964 likelihood.
18 numbers matching have a 1 in 10,512, 388,171,906 likelihood.
19 numbers matching have a 1 in 2,946,096,785,176,811 likelihood.
20 numbers matching have a 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800 likelihood.


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What This Means

As you can see above, there’s a clear reason why most players choose not to make more than 9 selections per round. The odds shoot massively in the casinos favour when you start to make selections in the double digits. Also, it is worth pointing out that there is a nice sweet spot with 6 selections, as the likelihood is almost double that of picking either 5 or 7. The highest likelihood lies with 4 selections providing a 1 in 4 chance, although keep in mind that this still gives a house edge of 25%, meaning that on average every £100 wagered will result in a loss of £25.

Playing Keno Games Online in the UK Element 02 - CasinoTopBet Types

The different variations of Keno can offer up different bet types to spice up the gameplay. It is however best to be familiar with these varieties of bet types before committing any funds to them. Here is a list of the most commonly found bet types.

Straight Bets

The simplest and most commonly placed bet in Keno is the Straight Bet. This is the standard format of play where you are wagering on matching your selected numbers with those called. The more that match the higher the payout.

Way Bets

Way Bets combine groups of selections into a single wager. These groups can vary in size and can have a much higher capacity for the number of selections you wish to make. You can for example pick several groups consisting of 5 numbers each, which allows for the potential of more consistent wins of smaller payouts when compared to Straight Bets, as this variation offers more ways to win. Just be aware that it can be much more challenging to keep track of your combo choices.

King Number Bets

King Number bets designates one number to be a King Number, which will be added to all of your number combinations, as well as counting as its own selection. This means that placing 2 combination bets will actually result in 3 separate selections. The two original bets will include the King Number, while the King Number will simultaneously act as its own separate selection.

Split Bets

Split Bets essentially allows players to play two rounds simultaneously. Instead of having 1 sheet of 80 numbers, you will have 2 with the caveat of not being able to select the same number on both sheets.


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Progressive Jackpots

Some Keno games incorporate progressive jackpots into the mix. They can vary from platform to platform, but generally require a minimum amount of selections to qualify. Be sure to double check the game rules to see if there are other requirements such as minimum bet amounts.


A relatively simple casino game like Keno has the added benefit of allowing for a clear and easy to read interface when playing online. The numbers available in the game generally take up most of the screen space in a grid based fashion, which provides an accessible overview of your selections and the numbers called. This will generally be accompanied by the platforms specific payout tables, as well as a history of your results from round to round. Interfaces usually also provide a dedicated space showing you the number of selections you have made, along with any potential winnings you may gain from any given round.

As each round of Keno can be surprisingly quick, many developers have provided additional options to make quick and fluid changes to your play. Auto Select and Clear All buttons are commonplace on online Keno platforms, as these allow you to either quickly have the game’s random number generator make your selections for you or clear all of the selections that have already been made, should you change your mind. Choosing your stake amount is also made easy with varying interfaces that either allow you to increase or decrease it incrementally or allow you to apply multipliers to your selected amount.

Pressing Play

None of your decisions will be fixed until you hit the Play button, which locks everything in place. Depending on the design of the interface, your selections will be highlighted in a specific manner, while the numbers called will feature a different method of highlighting. This could for example be displayed by different colours, where your choices are one colour and the numbers called are another. Correct choices will then have their own design style for making it easily apparent to the players as to which numbers match up.

Whether you decide to play Live Keno or Virtual Keno, the above mentioned will remain relatively similar. The only real difference is the positioning of all of the features, as well as Live Keno having a large amount of the screen space dedicated to the presenter and the physical number generator used to provide the calls in each round. More on Live and Virtual Keno below.

Keno Variations

Playing Keno Games Online in the UK Element 03 - CasinoTopVideo Keno

The most common type of Keno found online, Video Keno provides players with a virtual environment that allows for a contained experience with a pace dictated by the player. The calls are determined by a random number generator that will instantly provide the 20 selections in a truly random fashion.

There are several choices to make between the different special rules, bet types and jackpots available in each version of Video Keno. You will also be able to find Video Keno offerings such as 4 Card Keno that will allow you to play multiple sheets simultaneously.

As there are no other players to account for, the game will not progress until you commit to your decisions. This means that it is beginner friendly, but generally results in a larger ratio of rounds being played over a short period of time when compared to Live Keno. So make sure you have some spending or deposit limits in place before diving in.

Live Keno

Similar to many other Live Casino games such as Blackjack or Roulette, Live Keno provides a video feed directly from a studio with a host and a physical random number generator much akin to the National Lottery. This will blend seamlessly with the interface you interact with to place bets and selections with from your computer or mobile device.

Live Keno is not as commonplace as virtual variations, but offers the advantage of incorporating more of a social aspect into the game, as well as tending to offer up larger progressive and static jackpots.

Playing Live can however be daunting to newer players, as each round will have several players placing bets. This means that time restrictions are generally put in place to keep the pace flowing. This coupled with different interface layouts, bet types and additional jackpot rules make many players opt for virtual variants instead.


What Should I Look For in a Keno Casino?

UKGC and/or MGA licenses are a good indication of the legitimacy and standards that a casino maintains. Also, ensure that the casino offers up the right deposit and withdrawal methods for you and that they support British Pounds. Lastly, that they have the right version of Keno for you.

Can I Play Keno on Mobile?

Online casinos and game developers have put great efforts into making sure that their platforms are mobile friendly. Many have opted to update their technologies to incorporate HTML5, a more mobile friendly alternative to Flash. This essentially means mobile optimised gameplay straight from the app or browser.

How Much Should I Bet in a Round of Keno?

Bankroll management is incredibly important, especially in Virtual Keno. Make sure that you are betting in proportion with your balance. Placing £2 bets with a balance of £10 will most likely not last long. Try to base your stakes on a percentage of your balance, preferably between 1% and 5%.

Are Certain Numbers Better to Pick than Others?

While it may appear that certain patterns may seem to appear from round to round, the probability of each single pick remains equal to any other. The truth is that each call is truly random and there is no legitimate strategy in this regard.

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