Premier League Transfer Rumours – the 3 Players Predicted to Leave in January 2020

Publisert January 4, 2020

2019 has been a tough year for all professional footballers and with that, there have been some issues to make tempers rise and undoubtedly impact the future of their careers within the Premier League. With only 4 more weeks to go before the beginning of the January transfer window, there are already rumours circulating of players seeking out alternative offers due to bad experiences on their current teams.

While these players may leave the Premier League, it will only be a temporary situation but fans are nonetheless curious to see who has what it takes to make the move now and fall out of the Premier League.

Leroy Sane

This was a bitter pill to swallow for Manchester City fans as they were hoping to see a lot more presence from the German winger throughout the Premier League, however, Sane suffered a devastating injury during a Manchester City and Liverpool game. This has cost the 23-year-old one of the most important games in the Premier League. The star athlete was to undergo surgery after tearing his cruciate ligament in his knee. This is just another headline following Sane. Leroy Sane’s girlfriend has gone head to head with his fellow Manchester City teammate RiyadMahrez’s wife. The dispute between the two women has caused one of the biggest WAG wars in the history of sports. The player is expected back on the field mid-February or the beginning of March but this won’t stop Sane from leaving the Premier League.

Premier League Transfer Rumours – the 3 Players Predicted to Leave in January 2020 - CasinoTopBayern Munich has been rumoured to be greatly interested in signing Sane. They were before the injury and they are still now, even after the injury. With the bad stigma around the wife and girlfriend of Manchester City, Sane could be regarded as more valuable as a transferred asset for the team.


The future seems uncertain for a once highly respected defensive midfielder who was considered to be one of the best. Now fans rarely see Matic out on the field for Ole Gunnar’s team and the 31-year-old has voiced his outrage at being benched most of this season and there have been hushed whispers that he plans on leaving just as soon as the transfer window opens in the new year.

Moise Kean

Kean was transferred to Everton and it was a surprising move for anyone that was watching. Kean cost Everton a steep transfer fee and has since not been what was expected for the team. Everton expected more bite for their buck but seem to be heavily disappointed in that regard. Should a transfer opportunity present itself, it is said that Everton will most likely jump at the opportunity.

We are expectantly waiting to see if these predictions are correct and the upcoming year is bound to deliver a few surprises, especially for a player we would otherwise assume are happy in their positions. The new year is going to be one heck of a joyride and many fans are waiting in eager anticipation for the transfers they have been fantasizing about throughout 2019.

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