Protection for Young Ones Exposed to Online Gambling Ads

Publisert September 8, 2020

The internet is a vastly explored and open platform to those who use it. Because of this, young ones are at risk of being exposed to online gambling sites. A study in the UK was deducted to determine the extent of the exposure to gambling that those aged 11-13 years experience each day. The study revealed that on average, the younger generation is exposed to gambling products 0.6 times a day. For gambling related marketing, that's 6.9 times a day exposure. The young gen was exposed to gambling and gambling related marketing no matter where they went.

Impact Of Gambling Advertising And Marketing

GambleAware has published a report this year produced by Ipsos MORI to examine the impacts of gambling advertising and marketing on children, teenagers and vulnerable adults. The research was started in March of 2018 and commissioned by GambleAware. The research was conducted by separate consortia led by the University of Sterling and Ipsos MORI. The research was made up of ten different parts which include media monitoring, analysis of online gambling ads using avatars, social media analysis, focus groups and interviews with those affected.

The main objectives aimed at the research is as follows:

  • To explore the influential impact gambling advertising and marketing has on children and their attitudes towards it.
  • To examine and monitor the tone expressed through gambling related advertising and marketing across all media.
  • To identify certain triggers such as themes and features of gambling advertising that children might be susceptible to.

Key Findings

The study found that regular exposure to these mediums over long periods of time can change the perceptions of children and teenagers. Online casinos that offer enticing sign up bonuses are also a significant factor. This would eventually become the precursor to whether someone would likely gamble in the future.

The research conducted by Ipsos MORI have identified a number of factors to help protect children, teens and vulnerable adults from harmful exposure which include:

  • Safer gambling messages within gambling ads and marketing.
  • The improvement of safer gambling education. The aim is to have initiatives extend through to the parents as well as children and teens.
  • Minimizing the appeal of the advertising like cartoony references, celebrities or humor, as these features may appeal to the young.
  • By administering warning messages through the very same gambling ads in order to raise awareness.

Our Verdict

With all the correct measures in place, we can only hope that the future will bring a safer platform for our young ones to express themselves on, without having the risk of being exposed to online gambling.

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