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Jurassic Park Slot

Based on Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic movie of the same name, Jurassic Park is Microgaming’s online video slot that features all of the main characters and much of the tension that accompanied the film – complete with a nasty looking T-Rex Alert feature that honestly gave us here at Casino Top UK a bit of a fright when we first saw it take over the reels. The slot also has Microgaming’s now well established 243 Ways to Win, meaning that there are always 243 paylines active on each and every spin. So, let’s see if Microgaming has delivered on the promise of a both wondrous and frightening slot befitting the Jurassic Park moniker…

How to Play Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park, as we mentioned, has been created by the ever popular Microgaming slots provider, so the likelihood of not being able to find the game at one of your favourite UK online casinos is quite slim. So, once you’ve hunted down the title in the slots category of your chosen brand, load it up and settle in with some popcorn as you watch the scene setting intro sequence. When you’re finally into the game proper, take a quick look along the bottom panel to get an understanding of all the main controls you’ll need to play the game. You won’t need to think about how many lines to play as all 243 ways are active throughout. You can, however, change your Coin Value, number of Coins per spin and your overall Bet Level. There are also options for View Pays, setting the Auto Play feature in motion and, of course, manually Spinning.

Design & Animated Graphics

All of the main symbols used in the game feature the dinosaurs from the movie (including the T-Rex, the velociraptors and more), as well as our heroes who must escape them. And these aren’t just illustrated characters, but actual photos and animated movie sequences taken from the film itself. So, you’ll be pleased to know that some of the special symbols contain the likes of Sam Neill as Dr Alan Grant, Laura Dern as Dr Ellie Sattler, Jeff Goldblum as Dr Ian Malcolm, Richard Attenborough as billionaire Jurassic Park owner John Hammond and many, many more. In short, then, fans of the movie (or of great games in general) won’t be disappointed.

Music & Sound Effects

In a word, the soundtrack that accompanies you every step of the way while playing Jurassic Park is epic! Massive orchestral string sections and plenty of brass stabs, as well as orchestral drums when required, all combine to give this online video slot the right amount of gravitas. We couldn’t quite tell if the music was directly lifted from the movie itself (we suspect not due to the royalties that would be generated for the composer and recording owners) but it’s entirely in keeping with the movie, so we can’t complain here. The roars from the various dinosaurs are monsterrous and speaker shaking, so do watch out for that! As for sound effects, there’s plenty to keep you entertained and there are plenty of audio soundbites lifted directly from the film.

Features & Bonus Rounds

The Game Logo is the main Wild symbol, which will stand in for all other symbols (except the Scatter) to help you form winning combinations across the reels. What’s more, the Wild symbol is also stacked down the reels to give you even more chances of landing a big win or two. A fun feature of the base game is the T-Rex Alert Mode (when you land a T-Rex symbol) that will give you 35 Wilds on the reels over the next six consecutive spins – so don’t be too afraid! The Mosquito Cast in Amber Scatter will grant you free spins whenever you land three or more of them in the same round. Plus, there are various other bonus rounds that are triggered when you see Velociraptor Split Wilds, Brachiosaurus Mystery Multipliers or Triceratops Running Wilds!

Verdict on Jurassic Park Slot

All of us here at CasinoTop UK are huge fans of the original Jurassic Park science fiction movie, so it was great to relive the fateful tale through one of our all time favourite mediums – namely a decent online video slot with plenty of bonus features and special rounds. We think Microgaming has done a fantastic job of sprinkling a little movie magic over proceedings and this slot game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as you hunt for those big wins!


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