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Terminator 2 Slot

Microgaming’s Terminator 2 slot is a 5 reel by 3 row 243 payline game that takes full advantage of the license acquired from the 1991 James Cameron classic. Offering several features that take inspiration from a lot of the cool concepts from the films, this slot provides a well designed and detailed mixture of entertainment and dystopian science fiction. The main draw is definitely the number of added benefits that are awarded to the player when entering bonus spin rounds, as the number of rows and paylines are increased. Microgaming shows yet again why its one of the industry’s top developers with its ability to acquire top level licenses and turn them into highly polished slot games.

Getting Started with Terminator 2

The main options presented in the game window offer players the ability to select auto play and bet amounts, where the bet amounts can be further customised with the amount of coins and coin size by clicking on the ‘Bet’ button. Clicking on the ‘Win’ button shows your top 5 wins on the game, which is a great staple of many Microgaming games. You can also find a mute button at the top right and the bottom left has the ‘View pays’ button, which brings up the game’s paytable and all of the special rules for the slot.

How the Game is Designed

The Terminator 2 slot game showcases good visuals with symbols representing characters from the film and which are taken directly from notable scenes. With John and Sarah Connor, as well as the T-1000 and of course Arnie all being present. Scatters are represented by the teleportation special effect from the beginning of the film, while Wilds are showcased with a T2 logo that animates into an action packed scene from film. In fact, all of the unique symbols taken from the film have a couple of scenes dedicated to them, which are revealed when landing on a winning combination with them.

Slot Game Sounds

The Terminator 2 film has an absolutely iconic score and unfortunately Microgaming has let fans down a little here on this front. The sound effects for spinning the reels and landing on winning combinations are generic slot game sounds that have an air of familiarity for those who may be more familiar with more classic slots. While the background music is a decent nod towards the grim, futuristic and mechanical mood of the film’s music, it doesn’t quite hit the mark for those wanting to get fully immersed into the world of Terminator during regular play. The bonus spins rounds however does bring the classic theme song home and truly amps up the epicness.

Other Features

The Terminator 2 slot provides 243 paylines during regular gameplay, which then jumps up to a massive 1024 paylines during bonus spins rounds. This is made possible with the unlocking of an additional row, turning the slot into a 5 reel by 4 row game. Furthermore and in keeping with the theme of the main antagonist of the film, the T-1000 can also morph into any other character symbol during bonus rounds. Bonus spin rounds are awarded by landing on 3 or more of the Scatter symbols. Another special feature of this slot is the random bonus that can occur, which has been dubbed T-800 Vision, which allows bonus spin rounds to be triggered by landing on just a single Scatter symbol.

Our Say on Terminator 2

While this slot is slightly let down by the sound effects, the overall design is really well handled and in keeping with the original film. The action packed scenes being animated into certain symbols’ winning combinations is also a great addition that really helps sell the theme. Having the main theme in the bonus rounds is also great, but it’s a shame that it is hidden behind an event that is not all too likely to land on. Most of the excellent features of Microgaming’s Terminator 2 are found within the bonus spin rounds, which players should be aware of. For fans of the film series though, this slot is still worth a try purely for the well established theme on offer.


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