Soccer Fans in the UK Take a Stand on Gambling Advertising

Publisert October 12, 2020

Sponsorship deals and sports team partnerships have become commonplace these days which is not a negative undertaking, but fans have expressed distaste towards the logos that have become to appear on the paraphernalia of their favourite teams. According to a survey, nearly 50% of football fans would support a ban on shirts that feature gambling logos. The revenue generated from merchandise sales has been slowly decreased over the last three years and this might be the reason behind it.

The Survey Results

Two-thirds of participants in the survey expressed sentiments that allude to the feeling that the current restrictions placed on gambling advertising are not enough. According to this same survey, about 33% of participants indicated the gambling logos on football jerseys are a deterrent when it comes to purchasing to show their support. The survey was carried out on behalf of the Coalition Against Gambling Ads (CAGA) and Clean Up Gambling to understand and highlight the opinions of football fans and consumers. The survey further revealed that two-thirds of participants felt that the restrictions placed on prime-time gambling advertisements has not done enough to limit the exposure of successful betting firms.

The Public’s View on Gambling

The UK public might seem to have an ambiguous relationship with gambling. The UK’s gambling industry has proven to be one of the most successful in the world, with many other countries trying to copy their methods. On the other hand, the UK has been in headlines recently for the public’s response to problem gambling and the social ills that have presented themselves over the years. As a result, The Betting and Gaming Council has reduced prime-time airing of gambling advertisements by 97%. Despite this positive change, 26 out of the 44 across the English Football’s Top two divisions have a gambling brand featuring on the front of their team shirts.


The BGC has shared the advantages of advertising legal brands across media platforms to mitigate the harm caused by black market operators. They have also highlighted the fact that betting firms fund many sporting codes and aid the broadcasting of live games. Premier League teams Aston Villa and Everton both experienced an increase in merchandise sales after they decided to remove the gambling logo from their shits. It is expected that the other teams will follow in their footsteps to keep their fans happy, engaged, and safe.

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