Sports Betting UK: Unai Emery Gets Booted from Arsenal

Publisert January 4, 2020

In a shocking series of events, it would seem Arsenal’s Unai Emery got shown the back door and shoved mightily hard out of it. Based on the poor performance of team Arsenal, Unai Emery, the team’s manager, got sacked following the game played on Friday. Although the move wasn’t as unexpected as some may have thought, it still comes as a complete shock that the manager has actually received the hammer and been let go.

The English Premiership let Emery go as the head coach following poor performance throughout the Spaniard’s rule. The news has been circulating headlines since the public announcement was made stating the Premiership gave thanks to Unai Emery and his colleagues and that they acknowledged the strong effort behind the coach’s training and support and that they knew how much it was in demand that the team improves. They continued on to say that they wished nothing but the best for the ex-manager and his future team in terms of success.

The decision was made after the results and performances had been taken into consideration and weighed up. The performance of the team was not at the level required from the English Premiership and as a result, the manager of Arsenal has lost his position with the team.

Sports Betting UK Unai Emery Gets Booted from Arsenal - CasinoTopWhat Does This Mean for Arsenal?

Currently, everyone is wondering what this means for the team and if this was a wise move. Former player and assistant coach, Freddie Ljungberg, is in charge of the Gunners and the team is fully confident that during this transitional time period. The temporary coach is said to be fully able to take the team forward until a more permanent coach is on board reigning in Arsenal. When the next head coach has been selected the media will be notified and the process is currently in full swing as it is a matter of urgency that a replacement for Unai Emery is found to pull the team together for better performance.

The Poor Performance of Unai Emery

It has been estimated that there were 6 massive games played by Arsenal that determined the direct release of Emery from the position of head coach. The former Arsenal coach was relieved of duty on Friday morning on the 29th of November 2019 as a result of these poor performances.

Some believe that the Gunners intentionally tried to get the Arsenal manager sacked and as a result, played poorly intending the manager’s objective to be compromised. According to Jermaine Pennant the Gunners have intentionally ‘flopped’ games in order to get the manager booted.

The player, who played well into 26 games for Arsenal, told the media that despite needing someone to blame for their poor performance, the team of Arsenal needed to look at themselves and lay the blame there.

Arsenal has only won 2 of the 11 games they have played, ranking the team at 8th in the Premier League. A disappointment that has cost Emery his job in Arsenal.

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