Sports Sponsorships Will Be Under the Microscope at Gambling Review

Publisert December 12, 2020

Changes to the Gambling Act of 2005 are anticipated to come about after a proposed review will be conducted. The review was scheduled to begin on December 7 2020. The focus is on banning sports sponsorship, setting limits on stakes for online gambling and a few other proposals.

Concerns About The Effects

Earlier this year, several parliament members and some peers addressed some of the issues up to be reviewed, and are no doubt eager to see what the outcome will be. One of the concerns outlined during the sitting of the group was to implement more stringent rules on the advertising done for gambling operators and casinos. Another pertinent concern showcased by the group was the part that gambling plays in society. Gambling was seen as the reason for many people spending money that they could not afford to spend, the house, therefore, wanted to place restrictions on how much players were allowed to spend at the slot machines.

Comments From The Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission has been alerted to the fact that the DCMS will be coming with proposals on other ways for the operators to survive, should the review's concerns be accepted and passed as laws. Some other points that the review will be addressing, will be that any new offerings and products that the gambling industry wishes to launch in casinos, have to first go through stringent assessment by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports before it will be allowed to be introduced into casinos.

Other Possible Restrictions

The DCMS has other concerns around the gambling industry it feels needs to be addressed. One of them is the implementation of stricter rules and screening of players to ensure that they are of age to gamble. The reason for the body wanting to first have access and assess all new products before they are launched is to ensure that players are given a fair chance and to see how transparent the algorithms are and how they are introduced into the industry. The DCMS wants to ensure that the players are given a fair chance of winning and realise that with every new product that the operators introduce, the AI aspect is increasingly more advanced, putting the player at a disadvantage.

The review will be used as a way for the government to re-look at how the gambling industry operates and also revisit the Gambling Act of 2005, to streamline and hopefully try and balance the process.

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