Top 5 Live Casino Fails

Publisert July 21, 2020

Live casino games have become one of the biggest attractions in the iGaming industry. The ability to live stream a game and make decisions remotely, all while keeping the human element intact, is something that many players are opting for these days. There's no doubt that computers are perfect in terms of programming, tasks and memory, but humans, on the other hand, are a completely different ball game. With that said, let's take a look at the Top 5 Live Casino Fails to see how people (live dealers or players) fair within this modern age.

Why Kristen?

One of the most frustrating and amusing fails that can happen at a live casino is when the state-of-the-art technology is too much for a nervous dealer to handle. Which is exactly what happened with a YouTube user named Sodapoppin.

He was set to land a big win when the dealer, named Kristen, forgot to scan the 8 card into the system that would’ve made him victorious. Kirsten then called her manager into the frame to assist her as the poor young dealer looked genuinely confused. To the dismay of Sodapoppin, the entire round was canceled and he had to start all over again.

Temper Tantrum

Here’s another fail moment for Sodapoppin, but in this case, it wasn’t the dealer’s actions that sent him on a rampage, it was his own! This online streamer is renowned for his risky gaming technique with online blackjack where he bets big and usually wins.

However, one of the entertaining things about live casinos and the streamers who choose to play is the temper tantrum that could take place when things don’t go according to plan. Sodapoppin flew into a fit of rage when he lost £5000 at one of his favourite online blackjack tables. While some might have been surprised, regular viewers were not, as this casino streamer is known for how emotionally invested he becomes in the game.

Double Down Disaster

As consumers who make use of the internet for a range of purchases, this one might be something that you’ve accidentally done to your dismay. But If you have played an online casino game before, then you are well aware of how easy it is to input the wrong values and end up wagering the wrong amounts.

This is especially true for Fizzlehook, another online casino streamer, who is always playing online games, and as such, placing a bet can feel like second nature. If a dealer can make a mistake, then it’s only natural that players can too, but it usually doesn’t cost them 32, 000 big ones.

Fizzlehook accidentally doubled down when placing a bet and only realized once the confirmation had come through. To make matters worse, he lost the game and all the money!

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All and Nothing

When It comes to roulette, players are generally aware that there is no tried and tested method for beating the house edge. Most live games players are sure to bet small amounts on as many options as possible to improve their chances of winning their bet amount back, and then some.

However, it does not always work out the way players might think and there is no guaranteed strategy for playing on the Devil’s Wheel. This is what one online player named, HyperBrody, who bet on every option on the table except one learned the hard way.

As is his quirk, he rambled throughout the process of the wheel being spun but lost his “cool” and dropped his strange persona once the wheel stopped. Every number that he bet on was a bust and the one option that he did not wager on, was the winner. As far as epic fails go, this one is up there just to showcase how Lady Luck can give you all and nothing at the same time!

Rock-a-bye Dealer

It is no secret that live casino dealers and croupiers have to work unconventional hours to cater to their clients all over the world. Dealers usually practice good sleeping habits, change their patterns, eat healthily, and ensure that they look fresh and amazing for the camera.

So you can imagine how surprising it is to find that you might be wagering your life’s savings and experiencing the thrill of a lifetime, all while your dealer is slowly dozing off.  The video that was posted by Zee shows a dealer nodding off before he gets replaced. It is unclear whether this dealer lost his job or it was merely his shift change, but either way, the players were glad that he was finally able to go home and get some rest!

Our Say

The fails listed above are sometimes outrageous and in some cases understandable, but one thing that they all have in common is that it could happen to anyone. Whether you’re playing at a live casino table where the dealer makes a mistake or decides to have a cat nap, or whether you’ve accidentally placed a huge bet with the worst outcomes, no online player can boast that they have braved live online casino games and have come out with a seamless experience.

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