Top Richest Players in the Online Gambling Industry

Publisert July 21, 2020

Whether you’re looking for success stories or ones of harrowing failures in the online gambling industry, you can find the record-breakers here.The stories of these casino players may surprise or even inspire you, but the fact remains that they are some of the richest players in the online gambling industry today. However, success is a double-edged sword and some started far richer than they currently are.

The Top 5 Players

Below you can find five of the most influential, successful, and world-renowned professional gamblers in the game.

Let’s take a look.


Top Richest Players in the Online Gambling Industry element01 - CasinoTopBill Benter

William “Bill” Benter is a professional American gambler and philanthropist. Before he turned to the world of casino wagering, he was a maths professor. He was introduced to blackjack card counting and his life has never been the same since. It didn’t take casinos long to ban him from their tables, but Bill did not give up. Instead, he took up horse racing and developed a software program that allows him to predict the outcomes. He earned around $1 billion with his software and experts suggest that he clears $100 million annually.

To think that the smart kid who was ridiculed in his earlier days is now making megabucks probably has him laughing all the way to the bank!


Top Richest Players in the Online Gambling Industry element02 - CasinoTopPhil Ivey

Now, this is a player that most have heard of, and if not, Phil Ivey has earned himself a spot in the Poker Hall of Fame for being one of the best players in history in relation to the prize money he wins. He’s affectionately been called the Tiger Woods of Poker and does not confine himself to land-based casinos either. Ivey has been known to play a few games online too and it has been estimated that his net worth is $100 million.

Ivey has ten bracelets from the poker world series and was the youngest player to have achieved this. He has also won the World Poker Tour in his career, which is no menial feat. One of the most uplifting things about Phil Ivey is that he made his fortune the exact same way that he spends it, on the poker tables.


Top Richest Players in the Online Gambling Industry element03 - CasinoTopEdward Thorp

Although Bill Benter is technically the wealthiest professional gambler at present, he owes a fraction of his success to Edward Thorp. Thorp is a doctor of math which explains why he was able to reach the heights that he has, as well as how he created the method of counting cards. He didn’t stop there; he was also the first person to use a computer to do his card counting for him. Thorp went as far as to invent a portable computer to accompany him on his casino escapades which took him to casinos across the US.

As a cherry on top, Thorp is also the successful author of a book based on his card counting technique that is still considered the ultimate guide to counting cards at blackjack. Thorp has played Blackjack, Backgammon, and baccarat and his net worth is sitting at $800 million.


Top Richest Players in the Online Gambling Industry element04 - CasinoTopZeljko Ranogajec

His name might be a mouthful but it’s worth remembering if you consider what this player has managed to achieve. Ranogajec comes from a family of Croatian immigrants but the Australia player eventually dropped out of college to chase his real dream of becoming a professional gambler.

Ranogajec has the skills required to understand the games he plays such as a photographic memory and superior knowledge of mathematical concepts. Due to these two things he was banned from Casinos across Australia. That did not stop Zeljko as he vowed to learn other games as a way to earn a decent living. He ventured into horse racing and keno and holds a record for winning $7,5 million on keno alone.

If you have never heard of this professional, don’t be alarmed. Ranogajec is notoriously private but even so, an Australian Finance Magazine was able to estimate that his net worth is 600 million Australian Dollars!


Top Richest Players in the Online Gambling Industry element05 - CasinoTopChris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson was the center of scandal a few years ago, and as such, people often forget that he is still a very successful professional gambler. Ferguson is the holder of a Computer Science Doctorate that he received at UCLA and used his skill set to become instrumental in the development of Full Tilt Poker.

Before that, he was a great poker player and has even earned himself 6 bracelets from the WSOP. Due to the drama that ensured around his company using players’ funds for personal reasons, Ferguson saw his net worth drop. Regardless, whether you love him or hate him, he is still worth $80 million!


The Top 2 Players Who Failed

Top Richest Players in the Online Gambling Industry banner - CasinoTop

For every bookmarked success, there are epic failures and it wouldn’t do to overlook them. Here are two disheartening stories that prove that success is in the choices that players make.

Stu Ungar

Many people have heard of this unfortunate player but just to sum it up, Stu Ungar was an epic blackjack player and card counter. He managed to win the WSOP three times which is very impressive. If only he had been as good at sports betting as he was a poker and gin Rummy.

Stu developed an addiction to Cocaine and sports betting that would ultimately lead to his death in a dingy hotel room.


Ryazan was famous for being a pro at daily fantasy sports betting which is where he won most of his fortune in 2015.

Unfortunately, he did not understand the concept of credit and use credit cards to fund his initial bankroll. A few bad bets later and he was going under with the taxes attached to his massive earnings- all with overconfidence of course.

Here's What We Have to Say

Professional gambling takes more than just luck. It’s not enough to sit at a random slot machine and hope to make megabucks. The players mentioned here have a combination of dedication, practice, and skill. And the choices that they made to get the outcomes they desired, have subsequently found themselves right at the top of the most successful online gambling players!

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