Top Tips for Beginner Bingo Players

Publisert January 4, 2020

Bingo is one of those games that requires very little skill, but it requires an incredible amount of focus as it is a game which requires players to use their intuition. You might be able to get away with not knowing the rules, marking numbers, and hoping for the best when the final results are read. Playing bingo online is an incredible amount of fun, but nothing can beat the experience of playing in a bingo hall. Contrary to popular belief bingo isn’t just a game for the elderly.

The 1 to 90-Ball Draw - CasinoTopThe 1 to 90-Ball Draw

The 1 to 90-Ball Draw is the most common type of bingo. Each 90-ball ticket is made up of 3 rows and 9 columns, each row has five numbers on it which make a total of fifteen number for the entire ticket.

The numbers dotted will determine whether you win one line, one row, two lines, or a full house which is all three rows. There are times where marking one row will be enough to win the game, but there are instances where you’ll be required to mark two rows in order to win.

Every 90-Ball game has a minimum jackpot and the prize pot is determined at the start of the game. The size of the pot will increase with the number of tickets bought; however, if you’re a beginner, it’s highly recommended that you stick to a maximum of three tickets as it may be extremely difficult to keep track of all the numbers on all the tickets.

The 1 to 80-Ball Bingo Draw

This game is quite different to 1 to 90-Ball bingo, as 1 to 80-Ball bingo has a ticket which is square-shaped and has four rows and four columns which adds up to sixteen numbers.

Each column has a designated colour, the red column represents digits 1 to 20, the yellow column represents 21 to 40, the blue column represents digits 41 to 60, and the silver column represents digits 61 to 80.

When playing online, you’ll be able to select whether or not you’d like the computer to mark the numbers for you or if you’d like to do it yourself, which makes the game a lot more interactive.

Knocking a Win - CasinoTop

Knocking a Win

Numbers can be marked in three different ways, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Selections can be done in the form of a first-line, four corners, four squares, two-line, three-line, and full house.

There are additional features with the 80-Ball bingo game such as Cashline Bingo having mini-bingo games within the primary game itself. This means that you’ll be able to switch between playing a line and a full house whilst going topless or bottomless.

In Full Monty mode, both top and bottom lines are concealed.

75-Ball Bingo a Completely Different Ball Game

This type of bingo is faster than the previous two that were mentioned, this means that there are fewer numbers to keep track of and less time is spent marking and awaiting results. 75 numbers are spread out in five rows and five columns, and the centre of the ticket which represents a free space. Each column represents a letter of the BINGO term.

75-Ball Bingo a Completely Different Ball Game - CasinoTopB – from 1 to 15
I – from16 to 30
N – from31 to 46
G – from47 to 61
O – from 62 to 75

75-Ball Bingo sees players being able to purchase up to 95 tickets ahead and exchanging tickets with new ones before the game has begun. The key difference between 90 and 75 tickets is the line patterns which are variable with 75-ball and predetermined with 90-ball.

All the numbers aren’t required to be filled out on 75-ball bingo; however, you will require great speed, an excellent memory, and attention to detail. In order to win, you must match the patterns on the card, and things are often fun with patterns being symbols, numbers, or even funny characters.

The prize is determined by the number of players which happen to be participating; however, there is usually a minimum fixed prize in place should there be a lack of players.

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