Two Teachers Win $120,200 On Scratchies In Charles County, USA

Publisert January 11, 2020

Two Charles County public school teachers have won big on scratchies in the USA, winning a combined $120,200 on their scratch cards.

The two longtime friends of over 20 years are also co-workers and travelled to Baltimore together to claim their recent, big wins over the New Year period.

While both preferred to remain anonymous, opting for a moniker instead of using their real identity, they did, however, share their story.

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As a married mother of three, ‘Maite’ scored her winning scratch card off the back of a smaller win that she received on a Gold Rush X20 ticket back in October 2019.

Using the $25 prize money from that scratchie, ‘Maite’ purchased another six scratchies, including five SKEE-BALL ® tickets that did not have any wins and her very lucky Power 8s instant ticket, which she pocketed a cool $100,000 (£76,500) from.

On her Power 8s ticket she revealed the “POWER” symbol which meant that she had won the ultimate scratchies prize, winning everything on the instant ticket.

‘Maite’ signed the back of her ticket and placed it for safekeeping in her safe at home. While she did not share the information with her friend ‘Kelly Girl’, she did tell her husband.

Unsurprisingly, Mr ‘Maite’ was just as excited.

Sharing her story with the Maryland Lottery head office in Baltimore, ‘Maite’ spoke about her previous wins at casinos and on the lottery:

“My husband knows I have won $10,000 before on a scratch-off… Just a couple of weeks after I first won my $100,000 Power 8s win, I won another $1,800 in prizes at a local casino. In total, I would say I have won over $200,000 playing the lottery and casino games.”

‘Maite’ eventually had shared the knowledge of her win with her close-friend ‘Kelly Girl’ but noted that she had no desire of heading down to Baltimore to claim the prize money prior to the New Year.

While she is a keen golfer, ‘Maite’ will use her winnings to pay for her daughter’s upcoming wedding, pay off her student loans and then hopefully retire early!

Two Teachers Win $120,200 On Scratchies In Charles County, USA element02 - CasinoTop$20,200 Win For Scratch Card Player

‘Kelly Girl’ is very different from her friend of 20-years ‘Maite’, she does not play the lottery, visit casinos, or play online casino games, in fact, ‘Kelly Girl’ suggests that she had only won at max $100 (£76 playing the odd scratch card and lotto over her lifetime.

Things changed for her, as she visited her local liquor store to pick up some champagne before a cheeky New Year’s Eve celebration.

Feeling in the spirit of the New Year, ‘Kelly Girl’ decided to pick up a few scratch cards.

While she did not know which tickets she would pick, or which cards were considered “better to play”, the mother of one simply left it all up to the cashier, saying:

“I didn’t even think about which tickets I picked… I just asked for the tickets that happened to be in boxes with my favourite numbers. By asking the cashier for scratch-offs in the boxes labelled 3 and 6, I was given the $10 Winter Cash Tripler and $20 2020 Cash tickets.”

Not being able to wait, ‘Kelly Girl’ scratched the tickets while sitting in the carpark of the store. After realizing she won the 2020 Cash top prize of $20,200 (£15,455) she texted her husband and headed straight home.

Her daughter used the Maryland Lottery mobile app to confirm the win on the spot!

While she and her family had discussed plans to pay her daughter’s college tuition and renovate their home while using some of the cash for donations to the less fortunate in their South Maryland community.

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