UK Betting 2020: How does Rafael Nadel Spend his Fortune?

Publisert January 4, 2020

Rafael Nadel has become one of the most reputable tennis players of all times and currently holds the number one world position as the best male player in the singles category. This Spanish player started his professional tennis career way back in 2001 and ever since then achieved numerous victories and accomplishments.

UK Betting 2020 How does Rafael Nadel Spend his Fortune- Triumphs in His Career - CasinoTopTriumphs in His Career

Nadel has won a total of 19 Gram Slam singles in his career, the Us Open being the most recent one held in September. Right at this moment he just needs one more victory to break the record haul of Roger Federer of 20 titles. Even though the Spaniard has never accomplished to win the finals at the ATP, he was a fierce force to be reckoned for eight seasons and succeeded in reaching the finals two times.

Ahead of the Finals Nadel said that it is a very special occasion for him and that he is excited to be back in London to participate in one of the greatest events of the year. He said that he will be trying his best to create opportunities to play well and if he played well, he played his best. Nadel stated that he hopes the opportunities he will be receiving, will hail good results.

His Legacy

This Star tennis has accomplished to be known as the player with the most court clay titles (fifty-nine) in the Open Era and holds the record of 11 Barcelona titles, 11 Monte-Carlo titles and 12 French Opens. Up to date he also achieved the record to obtain the longest single-surface win streaks in matches. Due to all these accomplishments, he has been named “The King of Clay” and is regarded as one of the best players on the clay-court in history as well as the best tennis player of all time.

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How Much is Nadal’s Net Worth?

Since Nadal turned started playing professional tennis, he has taken home more than £89.3m ($115m) in prize money. Then again, like several other leading sports stars, he boosts his income through endorsement deals and sponsorships.

In 2014 Nadal signed a long-term contract with the clothing brand Nike worth £41m ($50m). Also, Kia Motors, Babolat and Telefonica form part of his affiliates. He assisted with the launch of Kia’s new transport service in January at the Australian Open.

Kia (the second-largest manufacturer of automobiles in South Korea) has been associated with Nadal for more than 10 years, leading him to say that he now looks back 15 years and everything they have achieved is incredible to him.

How Does He Spend His Wealth?

UK Betting 2020 How does Rafael Nadel Spend his Fortune - How Does He Spend His Wealth - CasinoTopThe 33- year old Spanish tennis player owns a lavish home in his birth town Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, Spain worth £1.23m ($1.5m) and a villa situated in the Dominican Republic valued at £1.64m ($2m) according to Realty Today.

According to the fast-growing business website Business Insider that is up to date with industry verticals, media, tech and financial information; Nadal wore a limited Richard Mille watch edition at the French Open last year valued at £595,000 ($725,000).

Like other men, Nadel likes his toys. He owns a Mercedes-Benz SL55 as well as an Aston Martin DBS and when he is not taking a cruise in one of his luxurious cars, he enjoys life on the open seas in Beethoven his 76-foot yacht valued at £2.3m ($2.8m)

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