UK Betting: Is it Too Early to Freak Out About Spurs Missing the Playoffs?

Publisert January 4, 2020

The San Antonia Spurs have gone down seven games in a row following with a harsh beating to the Wizards. Considering their 22-year professional playoff record of North America, can it now be at risk or is it too early to tell in the season to start freaking out if they have missed out on the postseason? This question is on the lips of numerous fans wondering about the feature of this NBA team.

To the dismay of many basketball enthusiasts, the Spurs have lost their 7th consecutive fixture this season after a beating of 138-132 at the hands of the struggling Washington Wizards. If you are speculating when last the Spurs had so many lost in a row, it was way back in 1996-1997.

Right at this moment, the San Antonio Spurs plunged from 5th place to 10th on the leaderboard, tying them along with the Portland Trail Blazers in second-to-last position in the Western Conference.

UK Betting Is it Too Early to Freak Out About Spurs Missing the Playoffs -Doubts doing the rounds - CasinoTopDoubts doing the rounds

With the playoff streak on the mind, fears are beginning to arise. But is it too soon to cast doubts? Let’s find out what some of the staff had to say about the Spurs.

It’s A Fixable Issue

Kyle Irving – believes that even though the season started off on a rough patch, he still believes that it is too early to lose some sleep over the Spurs. Even though he points out that the Spurs lack in a defensive approach allowing them to be defeated by the Wizards, it’s a fixable issue.

He defends his stance by pointing out that the previous season the Spurs gave the Denver Nuggets a run around on the court during the 1st round of the playoffs and the defensive team terrible but they still managed to rank 20th on the NBA defensive score. Irving still thinks that the team can hit a stride and start winning games, just like they did last year. He wants fans to think back and consider the fact that the team were 15-15 last season, also outside the playoffs and then they made a comeback with 9 wins in eleven games. Then just after that, they went on a winning streak, winning 9 games in a row.

Kyle has no doubts whatsoever and he thinks the Spurs team will do their best to keep that same winning streak alive, no matter what.

UK Betting Is it Too Early to Freak Out About Spurs Missing the Playoffs - All Good Things Must Come To An End - CasinoTopAll Good Things Must Come To An End

Gilbert McGregor – thinks that even though the Spurs are only 15 games into the season it is time to press the panic button about any chances of making it to the playoffs. According to him, this team cannot get it all together and eventually, all good things must come to an end.

McGregor says that the West have proven themselves to be unforgiving year after year, and this season is no different. He says that this year could be one of the deepest ever with regards to the conference and the teams competing in it. According to McGregor, the recent downward spiral is too much to bear for the Spurs. He points out that the Spurs are right at the bottom and will have to climb all the way up and defeat strong teams like the Kings, Pelicans and Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves, and evidently, the elite teams in Denver, Houston, Utah as well as the two teams in LA teams if they want to reach the top. Right at this moment, McGregor doesn’t see that happening at all.

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