UK Betting: Rumours Days Before Andy Ruiz Fight

Publisert January 4, 2020

With literally only days before one of the most anticipated rematches between two notorious fighters, Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz, there have been rumours circling regarding a recent spar bout which has allegedly left Joshua in need of repair. This comes 3 days before the fight that was meant to take place in Saudi Arabia, where Anthony Joshua has already landed and was about to prep for the upcoming bout.

The question is, are these rumours true or have they been fabricated to enhance the hype around the fight and attract more spectators? According to promoter Eddie Hearn, the rumours are completely bogus and there is no need to sweat the small stuff. The fight will still, in fact, take place as it was scheduled and there will be no changes to the plans have been set in stone.

UK Betting Rumours Days Before Andy Ruiz Fight element01 - CasinoTopThe Spar Partner

There has been a previous rumour only a few weeks ago regarding Anthony Joshua’s spar partner. These hushed whispers implied that Joey Dawejko, Anthony Joshua’s spar partner, had dropped the boxing champion and this was cause for concern as the two work well together. This, however, was a false allegation and turned out to be nothing more than a rumour.

Hearn addressed the public saying that it wasn’t even worth a thought but that he would tell the public that the truth of the matter is that Joshua has had a ‘great camp’. Joshua’s promoter went on to say that the professional boxer has had some of the top sparring partners who have pushed him to do better by putting additional pressure on the fighter. Hearn also stated that the fighter hasn’t been hurt, he hasn’t been sick nor has he been injured. This ought to appease those who had doubts and may have wondered if there was still going to be a rematch.

According to internal sources, Joshua is one of the hardest and fastest hitters in the ring and this had some of his sparring partners stunned with some of them even leaving the camp early. The source has claimed these partners were in shock of the boxer's capabilities and as a result had to leave.

The fact that there were prior rumours which turned out to be false has seemed to appease the hordes and with the fight continuing on as planned, many are breathing a unanimous sigh of relief.

About the Fight

The upcoming match has been much anticipated and has finally arrived. The bout will take place at Ad Diriyah in Saudi Arabia on the 7th of December 2019. It is considered to be the last biggest fight taking place this year and as a result, there is money riding on the winner.

Although there are many who think Ruiz will take the fight, Joshua has been in top form all year and has been regarded as one of the hardest hitters in recent history. Only time will tell who will take the fight and if the outcome will be as intense as the first fight between the two boxing champs.

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