UK Betting: Shocking Boxing Scandals That Shook the World

Publisert January 4, 2020

In every professional sport, there are rumours, scandals in the news and even dramatic statements made to the press. Boxing, however, has shaken the world in a series of some of the most outrageous scandals ever recorded, and these are only the ones that were found out. Some fans may have forgotten while others will never forget, but the below-listed scandals are the ones that many even knew about. Check out these shocking scandals in boxing, the most harrowing and the ones to have shaken the world.

Muhammad Ali Loses Boxing License

One of the oldest scandals, dates back to Ali’s boxing career as the world reigning champion in 1967. Muhammad Ali’s reputation was put on the line when he refused to step forward when his name was called, protesting his disbelief in the Vietnam War by not going forth to fight in it. This caused his arrest in 1967 which led up to the scandal that is today recognized as an honourable one.

Ali was banned from boxing for 3 years which led him to resort to college speaking as a means to put food on the table for his family.

UK Betting Shocking Boxing Scandals That Shook the World - CasinoTopShane Mosley on Drug Scandal

In not so recent news, Mosely testified that he had in fact used EPO in his second fight with Oscar de la Hoya. EPO is considered to be a doping drug used by athletes to enhance their performance. The rising boxer had managed to elude the drug tests and had millions believe he would win the fight by decision. He had lost the fight as well as his ‘good’ guy reputation.

Antonio Margarito’s Plastered Gloves

As the title suggests, one of the most harrowing scandals includes the name, Margarito. The scandal emerged when Moseley’s trainer, Naazim Richardson, noticed a sort of residue emerging from Margarito’s gloves. When told to rewrap his gloves, it appeared to be plaster of Paris which is a known agent that hardens in a matter of seconds when wet. The sweat caused by boxing would almost instantly make Margarito’s gloves a deathly blow. The events that unfolded thereafter have left many wondering if any of Margarito’s wins were due to the underhanded scandal that caused his yearlong ban.

The Murder-Suicide of Edwin Valero

Valero was a world champion. The super-featherweight and lightweight pro boxer were incredibly talented in the ring. His reputation came from taking and knocking out each and every one of his 27 opponents in the ring.
Edwin had a promising future in boxing and was rumoured to have followed the notorious image of Manny Pacquiao that was until the night of his arrest in 2010. Valero was accused of murdering his wife and later committed suicide in prison. The reason for this fierce scandal is that there are those who believe, amongst which is the President of Venezuela, that the murder of Valero’s wife and the suicide had all been staged and that the horrid events were due to political reasons.

As you can tell, the world of boxing can, in fact, be one of a dark nature. We are bound to see more scandals emerge in the future but hopefully nothing as dire as the above mentioned.

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