UK Betting Update: Dina Asher-Smith wins Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year 2019 Award

Publisert January 4, 2020

The British athlete Dina Asher-Smith has recently been dubbed as Sunday Times 2019 Sportswoman of the Year.
The twenty-three-year-old sprinter becomes the 1st woman from Britain to secure a major title in the sprinting category when she won gold in October in the 200m event at the World Championships held in Doha.

This is the 2nd consecutive year that Asher-Smith has received this honour. On top, she also won gold in the 100m and silver in the 4x00m relay event, making her the first evert athlete since 1964 when Mary Rand won 3 awards at the same global championships. This feat made Asher-Smith the 1st female athlete since 1990 to acquire 3 European sprint titles at one competition - and the 1st British female to achieve a treble at an important championship!

Who is Dina Asher-Smith?

Early years

The world champion was born in London on December 4, 1995, and even as a young girl Dina loved sports and was always good at sprinting. When she was 8, she signed up at the Blackheath and Bromley Athletics club and joined the Bees Academy. John Blackie started coaching her, and 14 years later they are still a great team.

As a young athlete, she showed lots of promise and won gold medals at the World Junior Championships and at the European Junior Championships. As a matter of fact, she was the fastest teenager in the world ever in the 200m and 60 m events. Then again, it came out that these successes were just a sign of greater things to come.

UK Betting Update Dina Asher-Smith wins Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year 2019 Award - CasinoTopSuperstar senior sprinter

Asher-Smith rewrote the history of British sprinting in 2015 at senior level when she began her record-breaking streak in London when she smashed the British 100-meter record.

The BBC athletics pundit and 4x Olympic Champion Michael Jonson stated during an interview that he has followed the BBC British athletics since 2002 and never in his life seen anyone like Asher-Smith. According to him, junior lever British sprinting is always good, but Asher-Smith is special since she continues to improve every year and can compete against the greatest athletes in the world since she has the full package, mentally and physically. Lastly, he pointed out that it takes great athletes like Mo Farah a lifetime, to reach the best they could be, but not with Asher-Smith.

What’s next?

So, what's next for this super talented Sprinter? She will be heading off to the 2020 Summer Olympics that is scheduled to take place from 24 July to 9 August 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

Asher-Smith considers that her striking world 200m triumph can be the offset to Olympic glory in the upcoming year and she believes that she will become even more faster and stronger for Tokyo. Asher-Smith said during an interview that the Olympics is just around the corner. She stated that her training is on track, but there are still some technical things to work on, referring that she did not run the 100m race than planned. She explained that she is still getting more experience mentally and physically and becoming stronger every day. To conclude, she hopes there is more to come on her exciting journey.

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