UK Gambling Commission in Partnership With Facebook

Publisert October 4, 2020

The UK Gambling Commission and Facebook announced their new partnership earlier this week. According to the parties involved, the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) will be creating guidance with the help of Facebook personnel, to outline how the Facebook safety tools and user-settings can be used to limit the number of gambling advertisements that make it onto members’ feeds or timelines.

The Objective of the Partnership

Earlier this year the UK Gambling Commission started an advertising technology challenge. Facebook has taken the challenge on, with the consumer guide following all of the advertisement challenge criteria. As a result of this, the industry has strengthened its resolve to new and improved practices that are aimed at protecting the vulnerable among the social media audience from gambling adverts. The objective of this deal is to build a comprehensive guide that will be issued to all users. The guide will outline the various safety tools that Facebook offers, where to find them, how to use them, and how to save the changes made to individual accounts. The guide will be made available to every Facebook user so that members can feel safe from temptation or illegal practices when they are scrolling through their timelines.

Effect This Will have On the Consumer

The expected effects that this will have on members and customers have yet to be statistically determined as the partnership is still in its infancy. The expected effects include members who are battling with addiction, feel safer, less tempted, and more in control and parents are likely to worry less that their children will be exposed to gambling adverts while using their Facebook accounts. The topics covered in the guide are as follows: Ad hide, Ad Preference Tool and Manage Data.

Future Prospects for the UKGC

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission views the partnership with Facebook as an important stepping stone into creating a conscious social media population. While gambling is a popular and fun pastime for many people, for others it might be a reminder of darker times that they have left behind. The UKGC wants to ensure that social media users have this choice. A similar partnership between the commission and Twitter took place last year that has yielded positive results. The UKCG would like for all social media companies and providers to follow in Twitter and Facebook’s example by protecting their vulnerable users from potentially life-altering threats.

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