UK Gambling Operators Could be Banned From Using Celebrities in Ads

Publisert November 4, 2020

There’s no doubt about it. Gambling has risen in popularity over the last few years, but so has problem gambling. The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) has been looking into what could expose the youth to gambling and are looking to take action.

New rules have been brought forward by CAP to ban the use and production of advertisements that feature celebrities or influencers. If the rules are approved then ads that have already been produced and are airing would be banned completely.

The Current Laws And The Proposed Changes

As it stands, the current rules state that if the advert is seen to appeal to those younger than 18 then the ad would be banned, if not, then adult appeal takes precedent and the ad will air. If changed, the new rules are much stricter. If an ad appeals to those under-18 it will be banned, regardless of adult appeal.

A public consultation has been launched by the CAP and reported what some of the main focus points of the new rules are. Specifically, the use of prominent figures such as celebrities, social media influencers or sportspeople. Examples given by the CAP stated that an advert with someone that is not well-known to the younger generation would not be banned, however, an advert with England’s Football Captain would get banned as he would be more recognisable by those under the age of 18.

Reasons For The Change

Recent results from research done by GambleAwareshow that gambling adverts and its creative content appeal to more under-18s than was previously believed. Campaigning groups in the UK want to see a total ban on gambling adverts given the risk to the youth. The CAP has gone on to say that a total ban is not justifiable given the evidence.

The 25% Test And Responsible Gambling

Betting and gambling adverts in media that account for an audience of more than 25% of under-18s are not allowed in the UK. The CAP considers the ratio to be appropriate and fair on all parties involved.

Responsible gambling is a very important issue and an issue that gambling operators take very seriously as well. The gambling industry has gone so far as to ban all betting adverts during sports programmes last summer. This was done to protect the youth from exposure to gambling and the promotion of responsible gambling as well.

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