UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Reviews Gambling Laws

Publisert October 4, 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his advisors Domonic Cummings and Munira Mirza who head the policy unit are believed to be the body that will be reviewing the Gambling Act of 2005. It was Johnson, together with his advisors who also implemented the 10 PM curfew, which has not been met well by the gambling industry. It means that casinos will not be able to make enough money to recover after the months of being closed. Michael Dugher said that this curfew has dealt the industry a death blow since it could mean that half of the workforce, which is approximately 7000 employees at the casinos, could be without work soon.

The Results

The imposed curfew threatens to further cripple the industry because it will lose up to 75% of its income, Dugher said. The Gambling industry, brought in a revenue of around £1.3 billion over the past 3 years and if they do not get assistance from Government, may have to close their doors, which will be a real blow to the economy, the BGC chief said. With the same group of people behind the gambling law, the prospects just seem to look worse than ever.

The Future Looks Bleak

In the past, the United Kingdom was regarded as the most sought after country for the Gambling industry. With the commentary from the House of Lords, regarding the number of citizens and children, who have suffered due to the industry, the picture looks even more dreary for the BGC. The newly formed Peers for Gambling Reform group, believe that the gambling industry needs to be penalised and made to pay a levy to be allowed to continue operating. The organisation, which consists of 150 members, are peers from many sectors across the country and wish to have some more restrictions put in place.

The House of Lords Take On Things

The 150 strong group has the support of the House of Lords, which is a group of Lords, which represent all the districts within the United Kingdom. They carry a lot of power and have the backing of many when it comes to what they want the Gambling industry to adhere to. The House of Lords, do not want the gambling industry to shut down, as they are well that the industry brings in a huge amount of revenue yearly They just want the industry to be curbed in certain areas and are concerned about the citizens and the gambling problems in the United Kingdom.

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