UK Sports Betting: Christian Pulisic Injury Could Affect Upcoming Man City Match

Publisert January 4, 2020

Many have been concerned that key player, Christian Pulisic, wouldn’t be able to play in the upcoming Man City match against Chelsea. Needless to say, there has been speculation that should Pulisic be unfit to partake, the match could very well go to Man City. Currently, the probability of Christian partaking in the match against Man City is listed at a 50% chance, quite literally 50/50 allowing supporters to make their own assumptions and seek out as many good luck charms as humanly possible in order to get the young footballer on the field in full health once again.

Pulistic on Injury

The last game played by Chelsea which took place at Crystal Palace saw Pulisic suffer a severe hip injury after making a memorable score for his team. The injury has been a burden on the famed footballer, costing him a goal and missing out at the USMNT’S TWO CONCACAF Nations League matches against Canada and Cuba.

Shortly after the match at Crystal Palace Chelsea manager Frank Lampard was interviewed by reporters and when asked about the injury Lampard responded by saying that the injury is a slight frustration and that Pulistic does have a hip issue. The manager went on to say that he has hopes of the injury not being ‘too bad’ as Pulistic has been great to watch. However, it would appear that the hip injury is indeed slightly more severe than anyone initially thought, according to goals missed in the previous matches played against Chelsea.

UK Sports Betting Christian Pulisic Injury Could Affect Upcoming Man City Match element01 - CasinoTopChristian Pulisic is an American soccer player and is currently one of Chelsea’s star players. While it is only a matter of time before supporters will learn the truth of the extent of his injuries. The star player is currently undergoing assessment which should be released to the public after his managers discuss the results.

Christian went from having a 25% chance of being fit to play to a 50% chance if public records are anything to go on. With this kind of percentage, it's literally a coin toss to see whether or not the 21 year old player will be fit enough to take Chelsea and set supporters minds at ease.

About Pulisic

Over the past few matches, Pulisic has proven his worth by scoring 5 goals for Chelsea. The team has shown their appreciation in their united form and the game that was set against Manchester City was one of the most anticipated of the season. Now, should Pulisic be benched and able to attend the match due to his injuries, there is doubt as to how far Chelsea will get against the strong team.

Christian Pulisic took to Twitter granting his luck to those competing at the USMNT and also stating his sadness at having to ‘miss out’ on these important games but still showing his support from London.
Now all that’s left to do is cross fingers and hope the young star player will be in fit health needed to compete against Manchester City.

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