Why UK Players Prefer Playing at Online Casinos

Publisert October 1, 2020

The online gambling industry has been dynamic in some countries and static in others. The key determining factors between different countries is how willing the government is to embrace a highly lucrative industry and evolve to cater to the people of the land. The UK is one of the most impressive and promising of how well virtual gambling can do in a single country. Three main aspects have greatly contributed to the popularity of online casinos in the region which we look at below.

Legal Consistency

UK-based online casino operators, the law, and the players have a special relationship. The legislature that was passed in 2005, The Gambling Act, has not changed much. This means that casino operators have a clear and concise understanding of what is allowed and how to conduct business. In 2014, a new rule was introduced that required all gambling sites to lawfully obtain a gaming license from the UK, which would enable them to widely advertise their offering. In the absence of such a license, advertising would be prohibited. This means that the majority of gamblers in the UK are placing wagers at transparent virtual establishments.


The on-the-go access to these online gambling sites is one of the most attractive things on offer. With busy day-to-day life taking up 80% of the day, customers are happy to log into their accounts while they are on the bus or train, with their smartphones or tablets. This ease of access and the convenience it creates has become a pillar of many casinos’ marketing strategies in the UK. The on-the-go experience has been carefully crafted to ensure that desktop versions of the sites render seamlessly to android and iOS devices.


Several of the largest and most legitimate casino operators were founded, and are based, in the UK. The expertise of these established companies ensures that UK-based customers are getting the cream of the crop. Once the UK license was obtained in 2010, the operators that took to advertising their legitimate and safe sites gained a great deal of the market share. That, in conjunction with the relaxed marketing rules in the UK, has led to these operators becoming some of the biggest names in online gambling to date.

The land-based casino scene experienced its hay-day from about 2010-2019 but experts and analysts for the industry have predicted that the next ten years might belong to virtual versions of casinos.

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