FBI Hunt for Suspect in Boston’s Chinatown Massacre

Just recently, the FBI announced that it would be offering up a reward of $30,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of the fugitive who is suspected of shooting down five individuals who were playing cards. The shooting took place in Boston’s Chinatown in the January of 1991. The six individuals who were the intended targets were visiting an underground gambling venue when the execution took place.

Details Shared with the Public Thus Far

This past January marked the 30th anniversary of the Chinatown Massacre in Boston and the beginning of a global manhunt for one of the suspected shooters called Hung Tien Pham. Pham is a Vietnamese national who is wanted by the FBI for his suspected role in the execution-style murders that have since haunted the downtown Boston Chinatown community. The murders have been described as brutal, where the six men who were playing cards were shot in the back of their heads at close range. Five of the six intended targets died, with a sole survivor sharing necessary details with the FBI.

Suspected Gang War

Pham, the wanted fugitive, was identified by the sole survivor as one of the shooters. Two other suspects were named for their part in the execution, Nam The Tham and Siny Van Tran. Two of the suspects were apprehended and are currently serving out life sentences for the crime. FBI’s special agent, Tom Zukauskas, shared that the agency believes Hung Tiem Pham to be the linchpin to the execution of the abovementioned homicides. Pham is also a strong suspect for a murder that was committed four days before the massacre. Lieutenant Detective with Boston PD, Daniel Duff, went on the record to share that the authorities are unsure if the massacre was a result of a robbery or if it was gang-related. However, the evidence indicates that the suspects entered the gambling venue with a decisive plan, that the suspects did enter the venue shooting which has resulted in five of the six people that were there, at the time, dying.

Last Known Whereabouts

The FBI is hoping that the significant reward on offer will help jog memories of Pham, his whereabouts, or any other information that could assist with the case. After the massacre, It was confirmed that Pham fled to Atlantic City, where he gambled, and then went on to New York where he proceeded to board a flight to Hong Kong. The FBI has shared that the suspect was last seen in Bangkok in the later 90s. The reward of $30,000 is being offered internationally. Pham holds a variety of aliases and worked a wide variety of jobs including cook, waiter, floor sander, and bicycle repairman. He has also been identified as a big spender who has a penchant for cognac and flashy cars. Lieutenant Duff has expressed concern relating to the negative impact that crime has had on Chinatown. People consider the area to be dangerous and this has resulted in Chinese business owners suffering.

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