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The Odds of Dying in Game of Thrones

It is a TV show that took the world by storm. The detail that was given to the aspects of world-building and especially character development are aspects that stuck with any fan of Game of Thrones. If you enjoy the show and have been keeping up to date with what is happening in Westeros then you know that rooting for the survival of any character is a bad idea. Anything can happen from the Iron Islands to Dorne and all the way back to the red keep in King’s Landing, every character is fair game.

It doesn’t matter whether you come from house Stark, Targaryen or Baratheon, there is no escaping the danger and excitement of Game of Thrones. Our team at CasinoTop have taken a journey into Westeros and its history over the past few seasons to see what the odds are of surviving this treacherous landscape. We bring you information on how people will die, how likely it will be to get out of Westeros with your life and more. Join us on our journey as we face the odds and survive our journey.

All Men Must Die

[Statistics that Show Who Have Been Resurrected, Lived or Died]

As we look into the first six seasons of the TV adaptation of the novels written by George R.R. Martin, we find that almost 72% of the characters that appeared on screen have met their demise. These were major and minor characters, all of which never had the chance to find out who would rule at King’s Landing. That percentage represents 3 out of 4 characters that you may or may not have gotten attached to.

Furthermore, we found that it was male characters who suffered more losses than female characters throughout the show. The figures show that nearly 65% of the female characters that were lucky enough to have a name on-screen have died. Meanwhile, over 76% of the male characters in Game of Thrones have met sometimes gruesome fates.

Even the animals featured in Game of Thrones have met sad endings that have left fans angry, confused, and most of all sad. By the end of the sixth season, four of the six direwolves granted to the children of House Stark have perished, leaving us with nothing but hope to see the final two survive.

Death in all its Forms

[Statistics Displaying the Most Common Ways to Die]

While watching the TV show, it seems that the production team enjoys coming up with new and creative ways to kill off characters as the series progresses. However, even with the innovative and colourful ways to die in Game of Thrones, death by stabbing still took the lead. The results of our study show that 1 out of every 3 characters has perished by different forms of stabbing. Those figures include Walder Frey dying by Arya Stark’s sword and the horrifying Red Wedding. Death by explosion or arrows has accounted for around 7% of each method throughout the series.

Dangerous Locations

[Image of data Showing where Characters Have Died the most]

Even though the shining capital of the Seven Kingdoms is the place that everyone turns to, we have found that one out of every five deaths in the series occurs right on the Iron throne’s doorstep. The number of deaths increased significantly when Cersei Lannister made use of Wildfire to assert dominance over the Tyrells.

Even with all the deaths that can be found in the capital, some of the most notable deaths came to those who happened to familiarize themselves with someone from House Stark in Winterfell. When looking at named characters, we found that almost 14% of them met their end in the North. Among those deaths were the giant and even Ramsay Bolton. It is safe to say that Winterfell is a place that should be avoided if you are looking to survive.

Not all regions in the Seven Kingdoms are treacherous or dangerous to visit. If you visit places like the Eyrie, the Vale and Braavos. These locations have proven to be safer than the rest with less than 3% of deaths happening in those parts of the kingdom.

Hoping to Survive

[Statistics to show odds of survival by Allegiance or House]

While House Stark is the first major family we are introduced to and the characters all have pivotal roles to play in the series, even in death, the Night’s Watch has seen far more deaths. Looking at the number of the brothers in black, over 88% have died since we were first introduced to them. The deaths won't stop there as there is more carnage expected at the Wall where the Night’s Watch is the first line of defense.

Some family houses have dwindled in numbers while others have been erased completely thus far into the series. The most important houses are still watched carefully as they make their plays for the Iron Throne. No one knows and anybody could be next to lose their life in Westeros.

The Odds Are Against You

It doesn’t matter how you look at the survival rates in Westeros, there is a slight chance that you will survive, but you will need all the luck that you can muster. Remember, that you cannot afford to get attached to any of the characters in Game of Thrones. Don’t trust the over-confident warriors like Oberyn Martell or the head of a house that has his head rolling in the first season. Female characters are slightly safer than male characters but never forget that there is no safety in Westeros.

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