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Earnings from the Mayweather Vs. Mcgregor Fight

It took some time, but Conor McGregor finally got the fight he was asking for against Floyd Mayweather. In 2015, McGregor boldly stated that he was ready to step in the ring with Mayweather at any time. This was an extremely bold statement given that the MMA fighter was looking to go up against a fighter on their turf. The fight only came to fruition two years after the MMA fighter made his statement and during that time there was a lot of verbal back and forth between them.

It would have been a great underdog victory if McGregor was able to best Mayweather in the ring. The boxing champion had a point to prove and proved it well. He showed Mcgregor exactly why he remained undefeated for such a long time. Mayweather was in his element and showed McGregor that the ring is nothing like the Octagon.

The MMA fighter could not keep up and his stamina was just not enough to last the length of the rounds. Winning a match that has been anticipated for such a long time gives a fighter a better reputation with bragging rights. However, our team at CasinoTop wanted to find out how much these fighters actually earned by participating in the event.

Every Time Increment Counts

[Image of Statistics Showing How Much the Fighters earn Per time unit fought]

The bragging rights from a fight like this is something that will be etched in the memories of sports fans the world over. According to the verbal jabs each of the fighters were taking at one another, they both wanted the fight to happen and got their wish. The status gained is one thing but the financial profit for the fighters was even more impressive.

Each of the fighters earns at different rates for different time units and while McGregor earned $17,804 for every second fight, Mayweather was earning $59,347 per second. To put it in perspective, even the lower figure was more than the Average US citizen earns in a year. On average, boxers do earn more than MMA fighters, given that the latter sport is relatively new in comparison to boxing. Even with the lower earnings, McGregor must have been happy with what he got for the fight.

If the amount per second for Mayweather was earned in a regular workweek of 40 hours, then the boxer would earn as much as $444.4 billion annually. McGregor would of course take home less, but would still be a calculated total of $133.3 billion a year. Big risks come with big rewards when it comes to competitions in the ring or the octagon.

Profitable Jabs

[Table of Stats Showing earnings per Blow Landed or Taken]

The totals that were promised to each of the fighters came in at $30 million for McGregor and $100 million for Mayweather. Breaking down those figures it shows that Mayweather made more than $312,000 for every punch he threw. During the match, McGregor swung more often than his opponent which brought down his rate per punch to a total of $69,800.

The match played out and Mayweather was hit 111 times while McGregor took a total of 170 hits. The goal of a boxing match is to do your best to avoid getting hit, so each of the blows against Mayweather was valued at nearly $1 million coming in at $900,000.

Gaining Supporters

[Stats Showing How many followers each Fighter Gained]

While the fighters were kept very busy in the ring, fans of the fighters and the sports turned to social media platforms to engage with them via Twitter and Instagram. During the match, McGregor was gaining followers at a per-minute average of 4,634 while Mayweather gained about 130,000 followers on Twitter. Both fighters were able to gain about 400,000 followers during the fight, on Instagram. Even though Mayweather beat McGregor, the latter still achieved a goal of getting more exposure for his brand.

There is always more money to be made by these fighters, especially since the fight was heavily advertised. Both fighters were able to use their status as celebrities to lock in marketing deals. Their waistband sponsorships were sold to large brands leading up to the fight. The increased exposure also opened doors to other paid partnerships that were promoted on social media platforms.

Average Earnings Boosted

[Image Displaying a Comparison of Average Earnings Vs. Event Earnings]

The fighters were each promised fixed amounts for participating in the match. To understand just how much more they earned during the match, Mayweather usually earns about $42.5 million per fight, which means that he earned double the amount for one event, to take on McGregor. On the other hand, McGregor has an average earning of about $1.6 million per fight but walked away with $30 million in this fight which was about 20 times more than his usual rate. The significant amount that McGregor got paid to participate in the match is sure to affect the fighter’s future negotiations, now knowing that he is worth much more.

History Made

In any face-off, there has to be a winner and a loser. However, in this match, there was a physical winner of the match, but financially both fighters were victorious. Even though there was some pain to deal with after the match, the fighters created and fueled a spectacle that will not be forgotten any time soon. With millions of dollars in their pockets, they are sure to make good use of it and move forward to make their next fights even better.


We computed what these totals would translate to during the duration of the fight, broken down by second, per minute, and punches delivered, using the guaranteed fight earnings released the morning of the fight. The fight stats were based on data provided by Showtime's Sho Stats during the fight's live-streamed broadcast. When pay-per-view coverage of the fight began (9 p.m. Eastern Time), social media data was gathered from Instagram and Twitter, and then again around the time pay-per-view coverage finished (3 a.m. Eastern time).

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