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The Scoring Distribution of NFL Teams

For the die-hard fans of the NFL, the quarter of each game has unique qualities. This includes the excitement and promise of the first, and the way offenses get started in the second. When it comes to the third quarter, the seeds of a comeback can be sown, with the fourth harboring high-stakes drama. There are players that take great pride in themselves regarding making a quick statement, as they bring all that they have when the game starts. Then there are players that put a lot of emphasis on their ability to consistently play with a lot of intensity and this comes into favor as they outwork their already exhausted opponents within the final minutes of the game. However, one thing is certain when playing football, if you let your guard down, you’re likely going to pay for it, regardless of what the clock says.

During the 2017 regular season, when did each NFL team begin playing with intensity? When did they start making life miserable for defenses? In this segment, we’ve taken a closer look at the teams that were the most capable scorers during the entire game, along with the teams that ramped up the intensity during each quarter. We also took a look at the performance of teams and their performances during the final quarter when there was a lot at stake. Take a look at when your favorite team found the end zone most often.

How Each Team Scored


The standard NFL team scored an average of 21.9 points per game, but many of them did a lot better and some did a lot worse. Fans of the Los Angeles Rams must be amazed by the number of points that were scored by their newly relocated team. After a woeful previous season, the Rams were suddenly reborn as the league’s most intense offense under the new coach Sean McVay. The second and third place went to the NFL championship opponents Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots respectively, and this was an intense matchup that had bookies predicting an excess of 48 points to be scored in the game regardless of the world-class defenses that each team has.

However, looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, the Cleveland Browns had the lowest scoring average in the league. There were a variety of reasons why the browns had low-scoring struggles, but the reality is that the team was incompetent in the end zone. The Colts and the Giants didn’t do much better as both teams had quarterback issues during the previous season. However, the below-average offensive squads weren’t immediately disqualified from contending in the playoffs either. The Buffalo Bills managed to make their first playoff appearance since 1999 even though they had subpar scoring, this proves that dumb luck and some defense can go a long way in the NFL.

Timing of Touchdowns


Strong Finishing


Assisted by their boisterous 12th Man atmosphere at home, the Seattle Seahawks had the best record of scoring during the final quarter. This is a team that takes great pride in its excellent performances in the clutch, and this includes quarterback Russel Wilson, who had the highest passer rating during the 4th quarter of 2017. Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Tampa Bay were nearly as good, unfortunately for the fans, they weren’t able to secure a playoff spot as the clock ticked down.

Some squads failed to go deep into the playoffs and only managed middling success in the final quarter. However, the Patriots, for example, managed to score an average of 5.9 points in the final quarter, but this could be due to their lack of urgency as they often destroyed opponents early in the game. The Rams are quite similar as they managed to average fewer than 5 points in the fourth quarter. The worst 4th quarter team could’ve used some clutch points in a season where they’ve lost by a narrow margin are the Colts. They managed to score an average of 2.5 points in the final quarter, which is terrible.

Opportunities to Win

The data that we’ve used can be disputed; however, nearly every play in the NFL has the opportunity for a flash of attacking genius, regardless of how much of the game still has to be played. Some critics might have an issue with the frequent pauses that take place in the game, but it’s the uncertainty surrounding the game that keeps us locked in our seats. You’ll never know when a highlight reel run might take place and tear the game open. This is what makes the NFL one of the most fan-friendly leagues around.

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How We Did It

The data that we’ve collected from teamrankings.com has provided a database of stats relative to the performance of various NFL teams. This segment had us use scoring information that’s relative to the regular NFL season of 2017, this excludes metrics from the preseason or the playoffs.

Because no statistical testing was done, the statements given above are based solely on means. As a result, this content is simply exploratory, and future research should take a more rigorous approach to this topic.