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The Top Winning Sports Posts on Instagram

In any aspect of life, winning is by far one of the greatest feelings that can be felt. When it comes to gambling, gaming, races, lotteries, bingo, sports or any other competitive activity, people want others to know about what they are celebrating. What better way to do that, than heading over to Instagram to post about it in your reels, story or feed.

Along with the post made to Instagram, it is usually accompanied by the hashtag #winning. When using the hashtag and tracking to see what other posts have been tagged with the same hashtag, it becomes apparent what type of activities are celebrated. Our team here at CasinoTop were mostly interested in how often sport was tagged and how it compared to other activities and which were the most victorious on this social media platform.

From what our team has discovered, it looks as though the catchphrase “winning” as a stand-alone statement was made popular by Charlie Sheen. It was in 2011 that this catchphrase began spreading like wildfire, eventually leading to the #winning hashtag that is still often used on Instagram and has made its way to other social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Facebook.

We used the data we found by tracking the hashtag to find out which regions of the US and the rest of the world were putting up posts related to sports and other activities. To understand the amount of data, at the time we found that there were nearly 18 million posts on Instagram. Here is what we found all around the world and in the US wherever this hashtag was found.

Biggest Win by US State

[Infographic Showing States with Victories for Different Sports]

When focusing on gaming and sports, we found that the results for each state weren’t as obvious as you might think. In Colorado, most Instagram users were winning when it came to football while in Kentucky the winning posts were focused on the Kentucky Derby. Taking a look at the results for Minnesota showed that many people in the regions posted about winning at bingo. In Hawaii, it was yoga that took the lead while Instagram users in Georgia loved boasting about winning at golf.


Looking back at the results from 2016, it matched our expectations. In January of that year, three people in the US managed to snatch up a jackpot that broke records from Powerball. When the news of these wins hit the public, there was a major uptick in posts that showed that Instagram users in Vermont and Kansas were posting about Powerball, to hopefully cash in on the good luck that was apparently being spread.

Furthermore, when looking closer at the states we found that people in Nevada were posting about winning at casinos in the state, which was expected. In South Dakota, players tend to post more about winning at card games.

Soccer Takes the Lead Globally

[Map Showing  Popularity of Sports Posts on Instagram]

The conversations on social media when tracking the #winning hashtag shows that several countries often post about soccer/football. That is the leading sport around the world that Instagram users seem to enjoy posting about the most. When looking closer at Canada, the data showed that it was hockey that was gaining the most attention on social media.


Across the ocean in the UK, Instagram users post about rugby more than any other sport. We were expecting the same outcome from South Africa, but the data showed that it was golf that took the top spot and it was the same in New Zealand at the time. It was completely on-brand when looking at the results from India as cricket was the top sport to post about on Instagram. In places like Japan where the video game industry is constantly growing, online and offline gaming received the most attention in terms of posts with the hashtag #winning.

American Football Wins in the US

[Top Ten Sports in the US from Instagram]

The top ten sports that are posted about on Instagram with the #winning hashtag showed that American football ruled the roost. In the US, people are always focused on the NFL and especially college football. After football, it is soccer that comes up again, but this time it is youth soccer. That makes sense given the number of soccer leagues at schools around the country. Rounding up the top five was basketball, boxing and bodybuilding with the hashtag.

It was strange to see that baseball didn’t make it into the top ten, considering that it is known as America’s pastime. It’s difficult to understand given that the sport receives a lot of attention from those who play it and the fans that are among the most passionate sports fans in the world. Finally, the top ten was rounded up with CrossFit, weightlifting and running. These results show that there is an increase in interest related to physical fitness, healthier living and most likely selfies at the gym.

The US States Using #Winning The Most

[Map of America Showing the Top Ten states using the Hashtag]

When looking at the results for the US and the use of the #winning hashtag, it paints a clear picture of which states can be found in the top ten. At times it is difficult to discern why the hashtag is being used, but our team did have a few ideas. Nevada took the top spot and it's easy to assume that it is because of the sheer number of casinos as well as the sports betting culture that has thrived for longer than any other state in the country.

We also found that even without major gambling industries, some states were still posting about #winning. These states include Florida and California as good examples. However, these states play host to many professional sports teams and organizations which may have had a hand in increasing the number of #winning posts on Instagram.


At the time of writing, it seemed that the Midwest regions of the US didn’t have as many #winning posts to talk about. However, when looking at regions such as Maine and West Virginia, the number could have increased over the past few years with the surge of legalized sports betting. Taking a closer look at Maine showed that the #winning posts were mainly related to the scenery and local cuisines such as lighthouses and lobsters.

An Interesting Conclusion

Analyzing Instagram trends by following hashtags such as #winning paints a good picture of what people are proud of in different parts of the world. What we found by following the hashtag is that people all over the world love to celebrate and share news of their victories. People see many different activities as reasons that they are winning whether it happens in the gym, at a casino, on the field or just out of passion and pride.


Pur team used the data found by analyzing millions of Instagram posts with the hashtag #winning to find out which activities, games and sports were the most notable around the world. This was also used to determine where in the world and what activities people are victorious in.

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