Feng Shui lucky plants and flowers that hopefully bring plenty of big wins!

Would you call yourself a superstitious person? Do you believe in using some slightly unorthodox tricks to give lady luck a helping hand? Read on for some interesting tips on which types of plants and flowers create a lucky, healthy and happy home or workplace, and to give you more chances of striking it lucky while wagering on your favourite games and slots. If you’re game, then so are we!

Here are some of the best Feng Shui plants and flowers to add a little good fortune to your online casino life! Let’s face it, what's the worst thing that can happen? If they don’t turn you into an instant millionaire, you’ll still be surrounded by lush scented plants and blooms that will pep you up while you’re spinning away.

Bring on the good fortune with a lucky plant

Feng Shui believes that “Any plant believed to purify the air is an excellent choice to be kept near or in the house or workplace” especially while you’re playing at your favourite online slots. It’s best to choose flowering plants with round or smooth-edged leaves, or leaves that are plentiful and clustered.

Don't plant spiky or thorny plants near the house as they break the positive flow of wealth and success, and let's face it, we want to make sure the big bucks start rolling in! Arrange the plants in pairs to keep the balance of yin and yang. As well as owning some lucky plants, its equally as important to look after them, by keeping them healthy and clean so that they invite a positive flow of chi (energy).

Crassula Ovata – the Money Plant

The money plant is without a doubt the most popular Feng Shui plant because it’s known to attract money (as the name suggests) as well as good luck as it grows. The plant is supposed to harmonize the human existence with the surrounding environment, it produces positive energy with vibrant new growth. So if you're trying to attract those big wins on an ever-growing jackpot slot, having a money plant nearby just might be that little extra good luck that you need.

Pachira Aquatica – the Money Tree

This one comes from Central and South America, Pachira is another popular Feng Shui plant because it is also said to attract money! There‘s a famous story about a poor Taiwanese farmer who prayed for money and found this plant on his way home, he took it as an omen and made money by selling plants grown from its seeds, not long after he became a very wealthy man.

Dracaena Braunii – the Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo comes from Asia. It has been a symbol of good fortune in their culture for more than 5000 years. In Chinese, the Lucky Bamboo is known as ‘Fu Gwey Zhu’; Fu - Luck and Fortune, Gwey - Power and Honor, Zhu - Bamboo. Lucky Bamboo is believed to bring harmony among the five Feng Shui elements which are water, fire, earth, wood, and metal for more positive and prosperous life experiences.

Spathiphyllum – the Peace Lily

This lovely plant is from the tropical Americas. The Peace Lily is considered a fortune plant and a super plant in terms of purifying the air. It lives best in shade, needs a little bright light to do well, and is watered approximately once a week. Perhaps this peace flower could also be a good idea to have around when playing the award winning slot Rocket Man from Red Tiger Gaming, where Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet for a battle?

Epipremnum Aureum – the Golden Pathos

Golden Pathos is native to French Polynesia, also known as a Money Plant it’s a very popular plant in India as well as most other parts of the world. The plant has shiny heart-shaped leaves in the different shades of green and there are several beliefs associated with the plant, such as luck, happiness, and prosperity. As per Feng Shui, it is also considered to bring wealth.

Surround yourself with fragrant blooms while gambling on your favourite casino

Real live flowers are also a good choice for the environment as they bring strong healing energy. In addition to their beauty and grace, flowers also bring good luck, numerous blessings and in feng shui, attention is often paid to colours and numbers as well as the symbolism associated with specific flowers. Keeping some petals or leaves in your wallet, pocket or bag can also boost your luck while you’re out and about playing online. So here are a few suggestions of not only some beautiful blooms but lucky ones too!

The peony for romance but not necessarily loyalty!

This is one of the most sensual flowers that also has a delicious scent. It has been used in feng shui for centuries, as a cure for love and romance. The peony is often a symbol of female beauty, in fact, some masters of feng shui do not recommend having the image of a flowering peony in an older couple's bedroom as it could cause men to have affairs with younger women! Also watch out if your hubby's favourite slot is Bikini Party from Microgaming. That as well should perhaps not be taken as a good sign...

Bring on abundance with an orchid

This beautiful flower is long considered a classical feng shui symbol of fertility. Because the orchid brings the energy of perfect natural symmetry, it has also become the symbol of striving to attain perfection in many areas of one's life. Abundance, perfection, spiritual growth, beauty, and purity—all such powerful universal symbols, it’s no wonder orchids one of the most popular plants in the western world!

Get rewarded with a narcissus flower

In Chinese culture, the potent energy of the narcissus flower is believed to greatly improve the blossoming of your career, talents, and abilities. It is often used as a feng shui cure for an unhappy or poor work-life and is also believed to help one receive the just rewards for one’s hard work. So if you think you’re overdue for a proper reward, get a Narcissus, and head over to the table games, where you can put your abilities to the test, and perhaps claim your reward – in cash!

Attract good luck with a chrysanthemum

The feng shui symbol of a chrysanthemum flower is one of a life of ease and balance. So if a stress-free relaxed lifestyle is what you’re after, then this is the flower for you. More importantly, perhaps, this flower is considered to have strong yang energy so it is used to attract good luck!

Be it fresh flowers and plants from your garden or from the market, in the form of a painting or a photo, you’ll definitely receive good chi once you start using flowers and plants, not to mention prosperity and the big bucks!

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