Finding the Right Type of Slot Machine for you

After searching high and low, we all eventually find the online casino we enjoy playing at the most. If this search wasn’t hard enough, we’re then met with a number of online slot machines to choose from. If you’re struggling to understand the difference between them all, don’t have fear because it can confuse even the advanced regular players. This CasinoTop blog bost is going to help break it all down for you so that hopefully it helps you understand the different types of slot machines available meaning less time studying and more time playing and hopefully winning!

Different Kinds of Slot Machines

Finding the Right Type of Slot Machine for you element02 - CasinoTopIt can be confusing when you’re met with so many different online slots when you’re initially starting out in gaming. There’s just a lot of choice available and if you’re new to the online casino world it can be hard to tell them all apart. A simple rule of thumb is that the basic principles of all slot machines always stay the same, no matter what slot you’ve decided to play, the basics of out it works remains the same.

For a winning hit, you will always need to ensure you line up and match the same symbols which are generally set up on an active payline. There are going to be exceptions to these rules every now and then since there are a number of slots available but we’ll go through that in further detail shortly.

Whilst playing all the various online slot machines available is going to keep you busy, it will also help you figure out which ones you like the most. No one wants to play the same 15-reeled slot machine each day! We doubt you ever will since there are so many available these days. In any case, we’ve gone through some below to help you choose which type of slot machine is going to suit you the best.


One of the major differences between slot machines is the number of reels they have. A 5-reel slot machine is the most common one you’ll see and you can head over to the Starburst Slot by NetEnt to get an idea of what this looks like. They rose to popularity as they are so similar to the original classic slots. They’re also known for having only 3 reels but since technology is always speeding up, you’ll see cascading and colossal reel slots more commonly available.


Another major difference is the number of playlines available. You’ll either find an online slot machine has Single Line Slots which has, yes you guessed it, single paylines or Multi-Line Slots which have multiple playlines. Single-Line Slots usually reduce the odds of you winning whilst Multi-Line Slots increase the offs of landing on wins each time you spin.

Loose and Tight Slot Machines

A Loose slot machine generally has an RTP of 97% or above. An RTP (Return to Player) is the percentage that the slot will pay back to a player over a period of time. On the other side of things, a Tight slot is one that has a lower RTP which is usually lower than 94%.

Finding the Right Type of Slot Machine for you element01 - CasinoTopFruit Machines, Land-based Slots and Online Slots - What’s the difference?

Basically, online slots were a progression from the outdated fruit machines and that’s why you’ll still see old fashioned fruit symbols of fruit and 7’s available online today. Check out Bohemia Joker Slot by Play’n GO to see what we mean! Either way, all three come down to the same way of winning and that’s to match the symbols on the reels.

Video Slots

Video Slots are the most popular of all slot machines around today and are generally classified as a game that has over three paylines. They also offer more chances of winning as well as greater entertainment options than the classic slots we spoke about earlier. More often than not, video slots also come with added entertainment such as free spins or bonus features. Head over to Medusa Slot by NextGen Gaming for a look at something similar.

Finding the Right Type of Slot Machine for you element03 - CasinoTopProgressive Slots and Flat Top

Each slot machine has varying potentials of winning and most classic and video slots offer a maximum payout from one spin. Progressive Slots, on the other hand, don’t have a maximum cap on the payouts. Generally, the game has one single jackpot or multiple progressive jackpots that increase as time goes on. The more players bet, the higher the jackpot gets. Mega Moolah Slot by Microgaming is a good one to check out for reference. This type of jackpot is normally set off at random or in other cases it can be won when you hit the bonus game like on the Mega Fortune Slot by NetEnt.


Similar to the slot machines we’ve been talking about above, particularly the video slots. Australian casinos, amongst others, refer to games as Pokies.

3D Slots

More and more providers are coming up with 3D slots as technology continues to advance. Popular gaming provider, Betsoft, have exclusive 3D slots such as Reels of Wealth. This slot features 3D symbols rather than 2D symbols often seen in alternative games. The graphics are a little more advanced but they still work the same way as other 2D slots available.

SWP vs AWP Slots

Even though you’re unlikely going to hear about these terms very often, we thought it best to mention for that odd occasion you do! If you’re playing slot machines online, they’re generally called online slots, but if you decide to play in an arcade or public house they are sometimes labelled SWP (Skill with Prize) or AWP (Amusement with Prize). These are normally controlled to offer winnings of lower limits. There is also some skill involved but more often than not it just comes down to luck and whether it’s on your side the day you play, or not.

Ready to go?

You’re pretty much set not as that’s pretty much all the different slot machines you’re going to hear about on your online casino journey. It looks like a lot to take in but when you’ve been playing a while it will all click and make sense. Good luck and we hope this helps you to find a style you like playing. If one doesn’t feel good, swap and change until you find one that sticks!

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