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Meet Felix - The Real Future Gamer

This is Felix. Felix is as much of a gamer like you and me (when starting out at least), but only 20 years in the future - the year 2040 to be exact.

Our group of research nerds at CasinoTop took the liberty to find all the possible features, facts, and details about our future gamer and boy, did we dig deep!

You see, Felix is presented to you in such a way to see how a real-life gamer can look given several habits and scenarios over a period of 20 years.
We've put Felix through an unchanged lifestyle situation as well as a dynamic scenario; something that's considered as a more "balanced" lifestyle using real data.

So say hello to Felix, the realistic future gamer of 2040!
Let's check out our gamer in both scenarios.

Felix With Unchanged Habits

If our gamer were to completely not change his habits over 20 years, he'd experience a lack of sleep, be severely dehydrated, have a lack of vitamin D, weak eyes, an altered state of mind, deformed physique and the list goes on.

This all sounds like shortcomings, right? And you'd be right for thinking that. So let's check out the consequences.

The Real Truth

As per Statista, the 2019 data reveals that the average gamer spends about 6 hours per week playing video games, although this differs by country, with Germany at 7.98 hours per week. The US is at 7.61 hours per week, and Singapore follows at 7.44 hours weekly. But this can quickly increase, especially if gaming becomes a habit. Gaming addiction can result in spending as much as 20 hours a week gaming, but more severe cases can result in playing for 18 consecutive hours per day online.

Gaming Addiction and Disorder

As it turns out, gaming addiction is a real thing. This comes from the World Health Organizationon the 14 September 2018, when they published that a gaming disorder is characterized as gaming being a priority over other daily activities and interests, among other things. To give you a visual representation of Felix in this case, check out what we discovered below.