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Keen to understand the language and lingo often used in gambling? Then have a look at our massive gambling glossary right here.

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Affiliate: an independent publisher or advertiser for multiple or just one online casino.

AGCC: Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Aggregate payout limit: this is a payout limit available on specific table games.

Ante: 1. the first bet that is required to play in certain table games and in poker; 2. a commission charged for each hand that is bet on blackjack in certain countries.

Bonus: 1. a bonus is issued by a casino as additional money or credits which normally comes with a set of rules; 2. A special casino game feature.

Bonus abuse: this is a common term used by gambling operators to refer to any unusual and foul bonus play.

Bonus ban: this happens when a player has been banned by the casino by practicing bonus abuse

Bonus bet: when an extra bet has been played by a player over and above from the standard bet.

Box cars: this is when two sets of sixes has been rolled in craps.

Bust: 1. When you get over 21 in blackjack or any other game where 21 is used; 2. To exceed your money limit.

Cashable: a type of casino bonus that can be withdrawn.

Cashback: this is a bonus that gives players a certain percentage back on their net losses.

Chargeback: in online casino gambling, when a credit card or other payment method transaction is disputed by a player which is usually fraudulent.

Comp points: this usually forms part of a rewards or loyalty system whereby players are issued with bonus money based on their wagers and bets.

Contribution: this is a percentage of wagers that go towards a playthrough requirement on a certain game that you play.

Dice: this is a slang term for the game of craps.

Double up: 1. When a certain amount of money can be doubled for a fair chance usually on an even money game; 2. a unique option in blackjack games where wagers can be doubled on the first bet.

Even money: when the odds for the game are at a ratio of 1:1

E-wallet: this is a transaction method to store money and use online.

Field: when you roll a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 in the game of craps.

Full house: when you have 3 cards in a set with 2 other cards in poker.

Flush: 1. when you have five cards of the same suit in poker; 2. To turn off the waiting period for a withdrawal.

Free chip: this is a free casino bonus or reward received by players without having to make a deposit.

Freeroll: when you can play in a tournament without paying.

Fruity: 1. a slot machine term used within the UK.

Hard: the opposite of "soft" in blackjack.

Hard ways: This is double 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the game of craps.

Hit: in blackjack games, this is requesting for another card.

Hole card: the first card of the dealer may is not seen or exposed.

House edge: this is the expected winnings that a casino makes, expressed as a percentage.

Insurance: when the dealer has an ace in a game of blackjack, players are offered this option.

Jackpot: the biggest win in a gambling game.

Live chat: a communication method that connects live support staff with players.

Martingale: a betting system which is used on even money wagers whereby a player doubles his bet from each loss until eventually winning.

Match bonus: this is a bonus based on a fixed-rate percentage of a player's deposit.

Max cashout: this is a maximum cashout limit

MG: Microgaming.

Muck: this is to discard cards in video and draw poker games.

NDB: please refer to the definition of no deposit bonus.

Network progressive: please refer to the definition of wide area progressive.

Nickel: this is slang for a $5 chip in US terms.

No deposit bonus: this is when players can sign up at an online gambling site and play without having to make a deposit.

Odds: 1. The total winnings of a bet; 2. Probability in terms of the outcome. 3. A 0 edge bet in craps.

Paint: this is a slang term for face cards.

Parlay: when you add winnings to an active bet.

Playthrough: please refer to the definition of wagering requirement.

Pokies: this is the term for slot machines in Australia.

PT: Playtech.

Progressive: a sort of jackpot that will increase by a certain percentage of the wagers that have been made on that

game. Usually applies to slot games.

Quarter: A $25 chip as per US terms.

Rake: when a poker rooms takes a percentage of the pot.

Reload bonus: when an existing player receives a match bonus.

RNG: a Random Number Generator that works out the outcomes in casino games.

RTG: Real Time Gaming.

Rollover: please refer to the definition of wagering requirement.

Royal flush: when you have an Ace, Ki­ng, ­Que­en, ­Jac­k and Ten card hand of a single suit, this is the best hand inmajority of poker games.

RTP: Also known as Return to Player or a certain percentage of bets a player can expect to receive back over the long run. This works as the opposite of the "house edge".

Scatter: in slot games, this is a symbol that that can pay in any position on the reels.

Self-exclusion: when players request to be excluded from logging in, playing, depositing and withdrawing at specific casinos. This usually relates to a practice of responsible gambling.

Side bet: when a places a secondary bet apart from the original bet.

Snake eyes: when both dice land on the number one in craps.

Soft: when you receive an ace in blackjack, it totals to eleven.

split: 1. in a game of 21, this means two cards of the same rank are separated into two different hands; 2. When a bet covers 2 numbers next to one another on the grid in the game of roulette.

Sticky: a casino bonus amount that can't be cashable or withdrawn.

Straight flush: In poker, a set of five cards of the same suit. This will rank above a four-of-a-kind hand and below a royal flush in majority of poker games.

Straight-up: when you bet on 1 single number in the game of roulette.

Street: when 3 numbers have been covered in the same column in the game of roulette.

Sucker bet: when a large house edge is achieved as a result of a bet.

Suit: this is the main body of each card: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.

Stand/stick: to signal to other players or the dealer in the game that a player has stopped requesting additional cards. This is an action generally found in blackjack games.

T&Cs/Terms and Conditions: a set of defined rules which govern players at a casino. This applies to player rights and warranties, banking policies and bonus policies of the casino, and all other elements of the casino.

Theoretical hold: please refer to the definition of house edge.

Third base: this is the last player to make a bet or perform an action in table games such as blackjack.

Tip/toke: when you give money to a casino games dealer for their service provided.

Tourney: shortened form of the word ‘to­urn­ame­nt’.

Trigger: this is when you activate a special feature, commonly used in slot games.

Trips: this is a slang term for when you get a three-of-a-kind in poker or poker related games.

Twist: in games that are 21, this is asking for another card. Please also refer to the definition of "hit".

Wagering requirements: the total amount of money a player must play before any withdrawals may happen. This normally applies to casino bonuses and is basically expressed as a multiple value of the deposit or bonus amount) e.g. 30x).

Wide-area progressive/WAP: This is a progressive jackpot amount of the same value shared among multiple casinos offering the same game.

Welcome bonus: also known as a first time and new player casino bonus.

WR: Please refer to the definition of wagering requirements.

yo: within a game of craps, it is means 11 or eleven.

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