Gateway becomes the Official Casino Partner of NFL Canada

An agreement has been made between Gateway Casino & Entertainment Ltd. sealing the deal to become the NFL Canada’s official land-based casino partner. The NFL Fantasy App will exclusively be presented at their revered MATCH Eatery & Public House. This multi-year sponsorship agreement states that Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd in Burnaby will have full rights to make use of NFL trademarks for marketing purposes which promote key NFL events such as the Super Bowl, NFL Draft and Pro Bowl.

Carrie Kormos, who is Gateway’s Chief Marketing& Communications Officer, stated in the official press release that Gateway is thrilled to become an official NFL partner in Canada as their first ever land-based casino partner. She went on to say that they are very excited about the prospect of being able to offer unique and exclusive experiences to the millions of football fans across Canada – especially since this season, the NFL will celebrate 100 years of football!

Growing in Canada

David Thompson, the NFL’s Managing Director in Canada, also added that they are too proud, of being able to work with Gateway who will help them grow and accelerate their business within the Canadian market. He mentioned further that the NFL and their players are similar to Gateway in the way that they are set apart from the market because of their stern commitment to excellence and unparalleled teamwork – which he believes makes this partnership agreement a powerful one.

The focus

The main focus of the sponsorship agreement is for Gateway to offer NFL Fantasy Fans and Gateway patrons with a totally unique experience which will encourage them to make Gateway’s MATCH Eatery & Public House to be their favoured destination for game days thanks to the unparalleled service offered by the casino, right through their beverage and food operations.

The NFL and Gateway hope that from the moment patrons step into their venue, they will be completely immersed in the overall experience offered in terms of exclusive promotions, interactive décor on game days and exclusive, one-of-a-kind opportunities to meet and greet with former and current players of the NFL team – which is bound to make the 100th season a highly entertaining one.

Marquee events that took place

The NFL’s 100th season is quite obviously a major deal; thus, the NFL and Gateway have put together a schedule of upcoming marquee events that have taken place to launch their official partnership and get all fans and patrons excited for the upcoming season which is sure to be a wild one. Last month, there were four events that took place, namely the Run for the Money Kiosk Promotion which is running from the 28th of August until the 27th of October, the NFL Pick’ Em Pool which took place on the 5th of September, the NFL Fantasy Football Draft which took place for the 8th of August until the 6th of September and the Official Kickoff Tailgate Party which took place on the 22nd of August.

Findings from the IEG

IEG, a sponsorship consulting and valuation firm based in Chicago, announced earlier this year that the NFL’s marketing spend for this season edition had increased yearly by 5.1% to finally reach a staggering $1.39 billion. This is partially due to the dramatic value increase when it comes to the deals football made with various firms who are involved in sports betting and casino operators.

The NFL tie-up with Caesars

Within only a few months of the US Supreme Court cancelling out the federal prohibition of sports betting (otherwise known as PASPA – Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) the NFL made an announcement that they and Caesars Entertainment Corporation had signed a sponsorship deal which spanned over multiple years – which made this giant gaming name based in Las Vegas the American football league’s first known official casino sponsor. This is not the first time that Caesars has dealt with the NFL, as since they were founded in 1937, this gaming and hospitality corporation has since built strategic relationships with seven NFL clubs such as the Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders and the Atlanta Falcons.

Hopes for a fruitful partnership

We are interested to see how this partnership pans out and if it will be as fruitful as each party hoped for, we do have good confidence that they are indeed a powerful team and have a great chance at doing something impressive together.

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