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You will find all the excitement you need at Joo Casino, with weekly tournaments and tons of prizes. The Pragmatic Global Promo will have you contending to be the best. You have the chance to be climbing the leaderboard to cash in on your portion of the prize pool.

The tournament itself is split in half, with one half winning you cash prizes. While the other half gets you your original stake multiplied beyond compare.

What's on Offer

There is a staggering €2 million prize pool on offer and you don’t want to miss out. Each week, starting on Wednesday, you will have a chance to win your share of €30,000. There will also be daily cash drops during each tournament to keep you enticed.

The cash prizes will require a minimum bet of €0.50 for a chance to win the top prize of €5,000. Secondly, winning big on a single spin could see you win the top multiplier and see you climbing the leaderboard with ease.

Stand a Chance to Get Your Portion of the Pool

The leaderboard will display the top contestants. You will earn a place by having the highest single spin according to the amount you bet. This applies to the cash prize and multiplier sections of the tournament. To make sure there are as many winners as possible and to keep things fair, your prize will be paid out based on a bet of €10.

The daily cash prizes are also split into two in the same way. You could win more than one prize every day. The daily cash drops start at 10 pm and last until there are no prizes left or for 24 hours, whichever one comes first. There are 80 cash prizes to win in each category, that being the multiplier or the regular cash prizes.

A Few Things to Remember

For the regular cash prize categories, you will have to place a minimum bet of €0.50 to be eligible for the prize. The multiplier category doesn’t require any minimum bet, but remember that your prize is calculated based on the amount you choose to wager.

This promotion offers all players a chance to win in different ways. The prizes are unbelievable and you definitely deserve what’s on offer. Take some time to play at Joo Casino, to win prizes daily and weekly. Keep an eye on the leaderboard and make sure your name is displayed, for your impressive chunk of change.

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