Top-Rated Betting Sites for Golf in 2023

When it comes to sports betting, not many sports can compare to golf. The game is known for silence and concentration, but also comes with a range of betting types and markets which add an extra dose of excitement to the game. To have access to all the betting action, you will need to have access to the best sportsbooks out there and here is where you will find them.

Our team of experts here at CasinoTop have put together a list of the best online sportsbooks for golf betting. This guide is also packed with information on the sport, tips for golf betting, information on golf betting bonuses and so much more. We have done the work for you and all you need to do is read through our guide to become one of the best golf bettors out there.

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The Main Golfing Events Worldwide

As with any longstanding sport, golf also has major tournaments around the world. We have put together an overview of some of the most popular golf tours in the world to give you more information on what to expect from this refined sport. Golf is a sport where betting options can be found throughout the year and is why betting on golf is so popular.

The Ryder Cup

This is a high-profile golf tournament that takes place every two years. Despite the esteem of the tournament, there is no prize money awarded to the victor. The Ryder Cup has a long history and was initially a tournament that took place between America and Great Britain. The player base was expanded to include Europe in 1979. Unlike other golf tournaments, The Ryder Cup is a team event. There are teams of 12 players pitted against each other to fight for victory.

The event takes place at different locations, alternating between courses in America and Europe. So far, the USA has claimed 27 victories while Europe has claimed 14. The team is selected by a captain that does not participate in the tournament. Points are awarded to the teams based on the outcome of various matches and are then tallied to determine the winning team after the final day of matches.

The European Tour

There are many matches played in the European tour, so it only makes sense that the season spans between January and November each year. The European Tour also includes the Challenge Tour and the European Senior Tour which makes up the 40 matches of this tournament. Each year the final day takes place in Dubai and it is for that reason that the tournament is now also known as “The Race to Dubai”. The European Tour has a long history since it was established in the 1970s.

The PGA Tour

This golf organization is in charge of major league golf in North America. The organization was officially founded in the late 1920s and now has six separate golf tours in its portfolio. The PGA Tour season happens from September through to August the following year and is made up of 50 official sporting events.

The PGA Championship

A major tournament in the US and watched by fans all over the world. The official name of the tournament is the US PGA Championship and is one of the four majors. The tournament is held in a different US state each year and happens in May. There are about 75 golf courses in the US that have hosted the PGA Championship since its inception in 1916.

The US Open

This tournament takes place in June and is also one of the four golf majors played each year. The tournament takes place at a different golf course every year since the first US Open was played in 1895. There are currently 19 US states that have had the pleasure of hosting the tournament since the first tournament was played in Newport, Rhode Island.

The US Masters

By far the most prestigious golf tournament came into being in 1934. This tournament is also the first of the four majors to take place each year, which currently takes place in April. The green jacket worn by the winner of the US Masters is well-known to those who enjoy golf and those who know very little. Unlike most of the other golf tournaments, this one is held for an entire week in Augusta, Georgia. The tournament receives a lot of media attention as well as betting options each year.

Betting Markets for Golf

Like any other sport, golf also has different betting types and markets to choose from. Knowing what to expect from the sportsbook of your choice is key to making an informed decision. Here are some of the most important betting markets that you are likely to encounter:

Lowest Score
Versus the Field
Hole in One
Dual Forecast
Leader After Round
Top X Finish
Make the Cut
Outright Winner


Bettors receive an option to place a simple wager on whether or not they think that a golf tournament will end and be decided by a playoff. While it is a simple bet, things can get complicated if other bets were placed on players as a playoff can have two or more golfers contending.

Lowest Score

A quick bet can be placed to predict which golfer will receive the lowest score in the current round being played. So, there is no need to wait for the tournament to end to find out if you have won.

Versus the Field

This is essentially betting against the favourite to win the tournament. Bettors will place a wager that predicts that any other player will win the tournament.

Hole in One

Bettors can place a wager on whether a hole in one will happen at a tournament. Some sportsbooks also offer odds on whether a specific player might get a hole in one.

Dual Forecast

Bettors can place a bet that predicts who will win the golf tournament and who will come second. The two golfers can finish the tournament in any order for the bettor to win the bet.


Bettors create a unique competition between two golfers and predict which golfer will beat the other. There are different options when it comes to head-to-head betting. Wagers can be placed on the selected golfers in a match or the overall tournament.

Leader After Round

Place a wager on which golfer will find themselves at the top of the leaderboard after the first round. Bettors can also use this betting type for each round of a tournament.

Top X Finish

Bettors can predict where a golfer will place at the end of the tournament. Usually, bettors can predict whether a golfer will end the tournament in the top 5, 10 or 20. Longer odds, such as the top 5, will have a bigger payout.

Make the Cut

In most cases, golf tournaments will be played for two rounds and the golfers at the bottom of the leaderboard will be cut from the competition. Bettors can predict which players will make the cut and continue in the tournament.

Outright Winner

Predict which golfer will win the overall tournament. Bettors can also place a bet on a golfer to place in a specific position on the leaderboard at the end of the tournament.

Golf Bet Types

Leader After Round

Predicting and wagering which golfer will be at the top of the leaderboard after a round is played.

Make the Cut

Betting on which player will move on to the next round of the tournament when it comes time to cut golfers from the bottom of the leaderboard.

Top X Finish

Bet on a player to finish in a range of positions on the leaderboard. That would be in the top 5, 10 or 20.


Place a bet on a golfer to win or to place in a specific position on the leaderboard.

Outright Winner

Betting on a golfer to win the tournament. A risky bet that requires that the golfer is the undisputed winner.

Golf Betting Advice

When placing bets on a golf tournament it helps to have some insight and tips on whether or not there is a betting system that works. That will depend on the bettor and how they choose to place their wagers. However, our team of betting experts have put together some tips to help you along and find what works best for you.

In-Play Betting and Pre-Tournament Wagers

Before the sports event starts, sportsbooks will offer odds based on how golfers have recently performed and based on their history. Once the tee off happens, a lot can change during a tournament. So, if you have placed a bet before the tournament started, then during the tournament is a good time to assess whether that pre-tournament bet was a good or bad one.

In these cases, in-play betting can be a great advantage. If a golfer’s performance is not living up to the bet you initially placed, then supplementing that bet with wagers from events that are currently happening is a good way to break even. On the other hand, if the pre-tournament wager seems to be working out for you, then choosing to place in-play wagers will add to your winnings at the end of the tournament.

Use Place and Each-Way Markets

Betting on an outright winner is a good way to secure a big win, provided that the golfer you chose wins the tournament. To minimize the risk, placing a wager that focuses on each-way bets or where the golfer will place is a better idea. Even though the reward is not as lucrative as the outright winner, it is a good way of covering more ground.

The chances of you predicting if a golfer will end up in the top 5, 10 or 20 are more reliable than hoping that one specific player wins the entire tournament. In this way, bettors increase their chance of making a profit even though their pick did not win the tournament, as long as they place in the selected range on the leaderboard.

Get a Lay of the Land

Golf is an extremely competitive sport Unlike other sports, the number of golfers that participate in one of the majors can be more than 100. While there are favourites to win a tournament, focus on what happens before that final round. Many smaller betting opportunities will present themselves throughout the tournament. There is potential to make more of a profit, by looking at the versus the field market. You will place more bets, but stand a better chance of winning overall, compared to placing all your eggs in one basket.

Tips for a Successful Golf Betting Strategy

Golf offers betting markets that other sports do not offer. It also has some of the simplest betting markets to understand which is why this type of sports bet is so appealing. Here are a few tips to help you make a success of your betting strategy:

Try various golf betting strategies and systems
Find value bets that offer less risk for higher reward
Do you research if you plan to bet on specific golfers to win
Take your time and find in-play bets during the tournament
Consider various golfers and don’t only focus on the favourites
Look for outright markets to place each-way bets
Think about shorter odds that can cover more ground and places
Never bet emotionally, consider the facts and the data for a logical approach

Golf Betting Bonuses

When it comes to online sportsbooks, you will likely receive a welcome offer or receive promotions as major golf tournaments approach. Here are a few of the offers explained:

Welcome Bonuses

When you sign up with a new sportsbook and receive free bets, then you should have no trouble using them on golf.

Enhanced Odds

These offers give you a chance to boost your odds. That means that you stand a chance to win more than you initially thought if your bet is successful.

Money-Back Offers

These promotions are sometimes offered by sportsbooks that allow bettors to place wagers with lower risk. The offer gives bettors all their money back or a percentage of the initial stake if the bet is lost and fulfils certain requirements.

Loyalty Bonuses

Bonuses are awarded to bettors that place wagers often and return to the sportsbook often. These bets can differ and work out well for golf bettors given that there are technically always golf events to bet on throughout the year.

Golf Gambling Games and Side Bets

There are many ways to bet on golf and it is a sport with a long history. So, people that enjoy the game and have enjoyed the game have developed interesting and entertaining side bets and games. Here are some of the most common gambling games that golf bettors have come up with over the years:


Each golfer that participates will look at their current handicap and subtract their individual total from 36. The number that remains is the quota and it is the number to beat with points earned in a round of golf. Each participant will place a wager into the pot and whichever player has the most points above the quota, wins the pot. This is a gambling game and side bet mainly played in a head to head game of golf.


This game relies on having two teams, with two players each. The scoring per hole will be based on the individual number of shots from each golfer. If the players from the first team make 5 shots each on the hole, then the team score is 5-5, which translates to a total number of 55 points. If the second team’s players score 7 shots and 3 shots, 7-3, then the total number of points is 73. Before each round starts, the payout for each point is determined.


A predetermined amount is put into a pot by all participating golfers and then the rules will be set. All golfers will need to agree whether to use either gross scoring, which is the number of strokes from a player, or net, which is the total with the golfer’s handicap subtracted. The scores for each hole will need to be recorded. Each hole can also have a different value based on what the golfers agree upon. The winner of the game is the golfer with the least amount of points and a tie will end up with the prize money being split equally. There can also be special prizes for holes-in-one and birdies throughout the game.


A game format used when there are four golfers and to win you need to have the highest score at the end of the round. One player will be the wolf at each hole and this is determined by flipping the tee. The player that becomes the wolf is always the last to tee-off at each hole. All other golfers will take their first shot and the wolf can then partner with another player or choose to be a lone wolf.

The lone wolf will only benefit from playing alone, if they win the hole. This victory is worth four points and if you choose to have a partner then each golfer will receive 2 points for the victory, as the wolf or the partner can win the hole. However, if the partner or the wolf loses the hole, the other participants all receive three points each. If it is the lone wolf that loses the hole, then all other players only receive one point each.

Playing Golf

The most basic form of golf and its rules state that the golfer who completes a course by hitting the ball into the holes in as few strokes or shots as possible will win the game. Every participant in a round of golf will have access to a variety of golf clubs that can be used throughout the course. While on the golf course, there are hills, trees, sand bunkers, water features and in some cases animals that serve as obstacles. Essentially, the golfer that can bring in the lowest score or amount of shots, is the victor.

Golf can be played head-to-head or with several opponents. Golfers can also choose to team up with golfers participating in the round. When it comes to scoring, there are different ways to determine a winner. Participants in a round of golf, with 18 holes, will decide if they want to score the round on stroke play or match play. With stroke play, the total number of shots for each hole will be counted and an average will be determined based on 18 holes in the round, which will give the player their final score. Whereas in a match play round, points are awarded to golfers at each hole depending on how many strokes they made per hole.

Here are a few terms you will come across if you are trying to understand more about golf. When it comes to betting as well, it is good to know more about the sport you are betting on:


A type of golf club used when a golfer wants the ball to ascend quickly and descend sharply


A small peg with an indent at the top that holds the golf ball in place for the first stroke


Each time the ball is hit


Taller grass on the golf course


A golf club used when the ball is close to the hole


A hit or stroke made close to the hole on the green


The number of shots predicted and required to finish a hole

Out of Bounds

Areas marked with a white line. If the ball lands out of bounds the golfer will receive a penalty stroke


The oldest type of golf course close to the coast with many sand dunes


A type of golf club which is the most commonly used


When the ball finds the hole in one stroke or shot


An obstacle created to increase the difficulty of getting the ball into the hole


The average number of strokes a golfer has over several games in the past


The area closest to the hole, which is a smooth grassy area


If the ball is heading in the direction of someone, golfers will shout this word


The area between the tee box and the hole


Two points under par


Used to make the first stroke, and is the longest golf club in a set with the largest head

Double Bogey

Two points above par


Usually filled with sand on the golf course


One point above par


One point under par


A stroke played on the fairway for the ball to approach the green


Three points under par

Golf Betting FAQs

Are there many opportunities to bet on in golf?

Yes. Throughout the year there are golf events that are being played and odds available to bettors. The four major golf tournaments in the world are played one after the other and some tournaments take place over a year.

Are golf bets different from other sports bets?

No. When you find a sportsbook, the bookmaker will present you with odds and betting markets for you to choose from. The most popular and smaller bets are placed while the event is taking place.

How do I learn more about golf?

Doing your research and playing the game yourself is a good way to understand the scoring system, terminology and determine which betting markets and odds work for you. You can go to a golf course to learn and even compete against friends or strangers.

What is a versus the field bet in golf?

You will place a bet on any other golfer to win the tournament or a round of golf. You place a bet for anyone besides the favourite to win.

How many holes does a golf course have?

A golf course will typically have 18 holes and it is also the total number of holes played to complete a round.

How many holes is a golf tournament made up of?

On average, the standard golf tournament is made up of 72 holes. The golf course will have 18 holes that are played four times. After two rounds of the tournament, golfers in the lower part of the leaderboard are cut from the tournament.

How long do golfers have to make a shot?

Golfers need to make their stroke within 40 seconds and if they don’t then a penalty will be issued in the form of an additional stroke.

Are there bonuses and promotions for golf betting?

Yes. Many golf betting websites will have a welcome offer which is usually a free bet offer. However, the golf betting website can decide to offer other promotions to loyal bettors or when there is a major golf tournament approaching.

Where can I find the best online sportsbooks for golf betting?

We have put together a comprehensive list of sportsbooks that offer golf betting odds. We take the time to review and rate each online sportsbook to ensure that they offer only the best service to you as the bettor.

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