Online Casinos – How to Play, Key Guides and Tools

Find out how to vastly improve your gambling ability and knowledge with our gambling training tools and resources.
There are many players who ask about online gambling and what it entails. Key questions are usually how winning money playing at online casinos is possible or how casinos function being right at the top of the list. We have taken the key aspects and have compiled an extensive guide to help get players on the right track. Click any of the topics below to find out more.

Casino Guides

The Casino Dealers Guide

What better way would there be to enjoy your favorite casino table game, than with a real live dealer experience? They add an exciting element when going to a brick and mortar casino, no doubt. Click here to find out more about what a dealer is and how you could actually become one using our in-depth guide.

Card Counting Guide

Some could find card counting to be a pro skill to acquire. That said, with the correct tools such as our handy card counting simulator and basic card counting techniques, we help teach anyone to become good at card counting at their favorite game of blackjack.

A Guide to Rigged Casinos

Be in the know about the latest blacklisted sites and how to spot suspicious sites and how to go about if you have any suspicions about the site you are playing on. You can also check out reviews of games that have seen players miss opportunities at millions in cash.

Winning at Gambling and Gambling Odds

Understanding gambling odds is vital if you're aiming to capitalize on your stake, even if the only game you ever play is roulette. Take a look at our guide on casino gambling and odds to shave the tip off the casino edge.

The Story of Zynga

Having started off with humble beginnings through the advent of social media API such as with Texas Hold'em, Zynga provided games that were easy to play and access. We provide detailed information on the hugely popular social media gaming giant's successful history and how the company fell to the ground.

Online Casino Tips & Tricks

For those looking to become a top online casino player no matter what their gaming preference may be, need look no further. We provide you with the top 10 most helpful tips and tricks listed here to nudge you on to that winning streak.

Social Casinos and Gaming Guidelines

Get connected with social media gaming and find out how it all works. Our experts explain the innermost workings of this social media-based play. You will discover the biggest names currently on the scene, social casino facts as well as all the stats you need to know

Interesting Facts

Personal Salaries vs. Jackpots

Ever wondered how your salary would match up against one of the leading jackpot slots. Well now you can! Click here to try out our jackpot calculator and see how your salary will fair up against the biggest and most popular slots on the web.

Top Casino Cities Crime Rating

It is commonly thought that gambling and violence appears to go hand in hand with each other. In fact, you will find that the opposite holds more truth than expected. Take a look and explore the rate of crime in some of the world's top gambling districts.

Instagram and Vegas

We are currently living in an age where everyone is online. Whether this may be online gambling related or for social media purposes, you will discover that both are in fact greatly intertwined with each other. More specifically, here you will discover the Instagram representation of land-based casinos.

The Most Commonly found Jeopardy! Questions

Our experts have extracted data from well over 30 seasons of the popular television game show. Read on to find out which season had the hardest and easiest questions, which category would most likely lead to a correct answer and the types of jobs the most frequent winners have. Have a look to see if your state has the smartest contestants.

Winners and Instagram

How does one prove that they are winning in life? Provide pics or it didn't happen, correct? For this reason, sporting events world-wide have taken to the social platform to share content of their good fortune and to bask in the glory.


Scratchcards have become quite popular among some as they seem the simplest way to win big in the shortest space of time. There is however a lot more to them than first meets the eye. We reveal the hidden facts and oddities that surround the world of scratchcards.

The Odds of Regretting a Tattoo

Dreading the ink you still have of your nightmare inducing ex-girlfriend? Is the result of a drunk dare still lingering on your person? Click here to see which tattoo designs are used the most, those who regret ever getting them and the most unfavored places on the body to have a tattoo.

Saints and Sinners of Twitter

Does your networking tweet reveal a testament to your philanthropy or more a catalog of personal shame? We have sifted through copious data to reveal which states provide more Twitter activity devoted to the more virtuous and charitable, including those where it is more hashtag and everyone for themselves.

Winning Criteria for 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette'

Though we believe that beauty is only skin deep, how would you rate your personal attraction level when viewed by the opposite sex? How far do you think your features will progress you on 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette'? Our handy guide will help take you through all the core traits and attractive features winning contestants on the series have had.

Transmission Rate of STDs in the States

If you feel you have had one too many and may have picked up something special from a random hook-up, the odds of contraction will depend on your state of residence, your age and the whole national football team's whereabouts that very same night. Take a gander at our charts and find out which states in the US receive the most love bites.

Trump's Trending Tweets

Find out what provokes Trump's ire on Twitter and what really blows his bugle. You will also see the most popular words and people Trump has posted on this social media platform. In fact, you will soon know exactly what to tweet if you're looking to get a response from the former POTUS himself.

True Survival Features

Have you ever thought of being a gunning contestant on 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race'? Do you think you have what it takes? We run you through the odds of what it takes to be a winner. Be it facial features, hair color, age, gender, physicality or ethnicity, we reveal the most prominent stats.

Odds for Game of Thrones

To live by the sword and die by the sword may not be the only way to meet your demise in Game of Thrones. We have calculated the odds of you surviving as a character on the show, taking into consideration the history of killings as well death locations and methods of killing.

Terrifying Odds

What is it that evokes fear within your soul? Losing your day job? Being terminally ill or perhaps climate change? We take a look at what really stirs Americans' cups and what truly terrifies them. We list stats by comparing genders to see what they think the most daunting life situations are. Have a look and be surprised at your findings.

Break-ups and Downs

What causes Americans to break up with their significant other? What are the odds of them reconciling? We have collected data taken from a study of 1 000 individuals to find out which factors form the most disastrous relationship problems and which factors may still give hope to rekindling those old flames.


Boxing Smarts

Here we present to you the financial facts on McGregor vs. Mayweather. Find out the per second rate each fighter has earned throughout their tenure, earnings made from each punch landed respectively as well as the amount of Instagram followers each fighter has raked up per minute.

Betting Calculator for NFL

No one can truly determine the outcome of a football match, and this is what adds to the appeal of the game. However, the more knowledge you have of the sport, the smarter you will bet. By making use of our awesome betting calculator tool, you can determine spread bets, basic odds and much more with ease.

Draft Values for NFL

How does one determine how good an NFL player really is? For starters, a great method would be comparing a players draft position versus their player performance. Discover ways of turning a bigger profit by knowing a player's actual draft value and betting on the underdogs and outsiders of the game. Click here to find out now!

Weather Stats for NFL

That's correct. Find out which temperatures directly affect an NFL game, whether it is piping hot or snowing out. Check out history's coldest ever NFL match which took place in 1967, why Miami Dolphins get blazed up often and why team spirits drop whenever the temperature does. We reveal it right here.

Guide to Sports Betting Odds

Negating which wagers to place on a sports bet could become daunting and at times, a little confusing. This is especially apparent as betting odds can change in the way they are presented from site to site. Understanding how the variating betting odds function will have you playing like a pro in no time.

Richest NBA Players

Top NBA players in the history of the game have seen their fair share of sizable earnings throughout their careers and are up there with the highest paid players in the world. We have a state by state look at things revealing the top paid b-ballers and which players pulled those 9 figures within their respective territories.

Top Paid NFL Salaries

NFL players remain the highest paid in America when compared to other local sports in the country. But how much is that exactly? Here we will list the players that endured the most lucrative careers of them all and how the pay rate differs from region to region. Just in case you may be considering a personal career change.

Second Time Around

The NBL is currently considering altering the rules of the game by placing a runner on the second base of each extra inning. With this in mind, we take a look at how the gameplay will be affected as well as bets placed on American baseball games. We also take a look at previously played memorable games and how the new rule would have affected the outcome.

Fouled Player

As fans of the game may know, things could get heated and temperaments could be riled with even the most professional players in an NBA match. These technical fouls could prove to be costly for these players which includes suspensions from games with no pay. Find out more about which players are most likely to land up on the bench and get their teams into trouble.

Home Runner

Backing your favorite locally based team at the city stadium is where fandom hits fever pitch. Just how likely is it that your team will be a home game winner so that you can leave stands celebrating? Looking at different US based sports, we have found the cities that best reward fans for supporting their teams and which fans may as well be watching the game from the couch.

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