Happy Hours Tournament Series at Joo Casino

As many can agree, when happy hour comes around it’s the moment we have all been waiting for. Joo Casino has a special Happy Hour in store for you, with not just one, but 4 Happy Hours. Get ready every Thursday and get to Joo Casino, to be part of an unbelievable tournament that’s packed with excitement.

It will be extremely fast-paced, so hold on to your hat. Playing the slots you know and love will get you into the tournament that is made up of smaller tournaments. Therefore, so many more opportunities for you to win.

What Happy Hours Offers at JooCasino

Every Thursday €2,000 is up for grabs and all you need to do is get there, log in and spin those reels. Mini tournaments will run for 10 minutes at a time, making sure the excitement never dies. There will be a 2-minute break between each mini-tournament. So, get your refreshments, we don’t think you’ll move away any time soon.

Make sure you arrive on time and that you can take part in every single one of the 20 mini-tournaments. Every ten minutes comes with a chance to win your share of €100. The top prize gets you €50, the second prize will get you €30 and third place will see you walking away with €20.

How it Works

All you need to do is play slots that you are familiar with. What you are looking to get, are multipliers, these will earn you points. The higher your multiplier, the higher your points. Additionally, you will receive extra points for the bets you make, whether you win or lose.

You start earning points when you win three or more multipliers. You could earn yourself up to 999 points if you win 101 or more multipliers. You have probably seen what one spin can do in any slot, the sky's the limit.

Minor Details

The minimum bet for the tournament will be €1, which is how you earn that extra point. All winnings are 5 times the wager. Remember, only bets placed with money you have deposited will count towards winning those multipliers and earning your points.

Are you ready? Thursday is the day and Joo Casino has Happy Hours just for you. It is technically four hours of excitement, but we reckon that more time to win, is what you will love the most.

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