How to Chose an Online Casino

It’s safe to say that there are more than enough online casinos out there, in fact, there are probably way too many of them, and there are new ones opening on a weekly and monthly basis. It can be an almost impossible task trying to work out which one is better than another.

What are the differences?

When you start sifting through the different websites, you’ll get loads of dazzling benefits for each one, and reasons why you should choose their particular casino, but in actual fact, there is usually very little difference between the online casinos on the market as they offer very similar games from the same groups of software providers. They also tend to operate in the same way, so the 50 million dollar question is, what are the important points to look for?

5 Important Factors.

To make the choice much easier, and to save you a lot of time reading through the massive amount of information out there on every casino, we have put together a list of the 5 most important things to look for before playing at a new casino. If you bear these 5 points in mind, you can then, by and large, disregard all the other promotional jargon that can cause a bit of confusion.

Look for Low Wagering Requirements on Promotions

Like with everything, there are some good and some not so good promotions and bonuses on offer at online casinos. There’s nothing better than getting something for nothing, and casinos love to oblige so they can attract new customers. Finding a promotion that is truly worthwhile can be more difficult than it at first seems. Almost all promotions and bonuses come with a wagering requirement and the value of the bonus is dependant on the size of the requirement. The lower the wagering, the less money you have to bet before you can actually withdraw your winnings. The average is 35x so lookout for ones that are no higher than that, even lower if possible. The wagering can apply to either the bonus or, the deposit plus the bonus. If it is the latter, then you’ll be betting twice the amount, so look out for low wagering on just the bonus amount and your promotional bonus will be much more worthwhile.

How to choose an online casino - Canada CasinoTop ElementFast Payout of Winnings

Something else to consider when choosing an online casino is the time it takes to receive payment of your winnings. Payouts can take as long as 7 days, which is way too much time, or as little as a few hours. Some casinos have a happy medium with payouts within 48 hours, so it stands to reason that choosing one that has a quick turn around will allow players to either cash out and play on elsewhere without delay or simply make a withdrawal back to your account. Either way, the money is better in your pocket than theirs.

Great Selection of Games

Whether you love playing slot games or table games, it’s great to be able to play at an online casino that has a wide and desirable array of games to choose from. If you like variety and the thrill of discovering new and interesting games then finding a casino that provides a good choice is important. Some casinos have a small portfolio of games provided by one software producer. That’s fine if you are happy playing the same games day in and day out, but it can get a bit boring for others who don’t want to be restricted and like the challenge different types of games from a range of top providers.

Round the Clock Support

One of the most important things to have access to at online casinos is good, around the clock, customer support. There are always questions or niggly problems you may encounter, whether it’s about your account, payouts, promotions and so many other things that can prove to be confusing, When this occurs you want to be able to chat online or speak to someone by phone in order to get the issue resolved quickly. It’s also important to find a casino that offers 24-hour support rather than only at restricted hours as some do. Finally, having support staff that are helpful and professional will make your experience a lot more positive.

Reputable Operating License

Choosing casinos with one or more reputable license is a must. A casino license such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission provide casino operators with their credibility and trustworthiness as these licenses are not easy to obtain and even after qualifying for them, a casino is subject to frequent regulatory checks to ensure it is abiding by their high criteria. Having their player’s safety and security is a priority, so if for some reason, a player should require additional assistance with a problem, they can rely on the licensor to get involved and help sort it out.

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