How to communicate with online casinos - The customer support facilities available to you

Chat Live to the Customer Support Team

One of the top-most fundamental aspects of an online casino is its customer support services. Whilst gambling online if you ever have any questions or queries, doubts or problems, your natural instinct is to seek help from the support team. Depending on which online casino you are playing at the customer support options may vary however, the most popular way to contact the support team is through Live Chat. This does not mean every casino online offers Live Chat though although the majority of this service.

Live Chat has become the most efficient and convenient form of communication between players and the customer support team. So let me explain exactly what we mean by Live Chat. Live Chat is a facility that allows you to talk directly to a real-life customer support agent. The online casinos' customer support agents are trained to help players who are having any issues or difficulties with the casino or simply just to provide answers to players casino-related questions.

A huge advantage to using Live Chat means that you can communicate with the support team in real-time, meaning there are no long and frustrating wait periods. By speaking to an agent in real-time allows you to get answers or problems resolved much quicker and easier than using other forms of communication.

With online casinos continually striving to be supreme and provide players with a top casino experience, means that one of the best perks that come with Live Chat is the hours they function. A larger chunk of online casinos, provide Live Chat to their players 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This means that no matter what time you of night or day you decide to play if, in doubt, you are sure to find a customer support agent waiting to assist you. Although do not take for granted this is the case at every online Casino. Some casinos may offer Live Chat which only operates between certain hours of the day. In situations like this, the casino will usually state the support contact hours on the "Contact Us" page.

If you are unable to find the hours the Live support team operate between, you can also check by clicking directly on the Live Chat button. If you are not directed to an agent and instead you see a notice displaying "offline", this means the chat room is closed. Despite the Live Chat room being offline, this does not mean you can not contact the support team. Many casinos will allow you to send an offline message to the team, who will respond to you directly through email. In some cases, you may be informed on a response timeframe, in which you can expect to receive a response.

Live Chat, as I mentioned at the beginning is a very quick and simple form of communication. Either in the bottom or top corners of the online casino, you will see an icon that looks like two speech-bubbles overlapping (or something similar). This is the Live Chat icon which you are required to click when looking for assistance. A separate pop-up box will appear allowing you to speak with instantly with the support team. It is very similar to the live chat option we are familiar with using on Facebook, allowing us to communicate quickly with our friends or family.

At the start of a Live Chat conversation, you may be prompted to enter some personal details such as your name or username, email address, account number as well as a short description in regards to your reasons for contacting them. On the other hand, you may be taken directly to the chat without having to enter any details. Depending on the casino you are playing at, you may also be asked some security questions before you can proceed. This helps the support agents clarify that the account you are using belongs to yourself.

Using Live Chat has many advantages for you. Aside from the reasons already mentioned, it also permits you to send any requested documents directly to them. As a result, you can be certain that the casino has received your documents safely, without any long waiting times. When you come to the end of your chat, many online casinos will allow you to save a copy of the transcript. The transcript is a copy of the conversation you have just had with the customer support agent. If you decide to save a copy of the transcript, this will be sent directly to your email that you provided the chat team with at the beginning, before starting your conversation. It is recommended that you always save a copy of the conversation, so you have it for a reference in the future if you need to check back on it. Plus it only takes a second to save, so why not cover your back? When you have finished chatting with the customer support team, you will most likely be asked to rate and share your experience with the Live Support team. This is not essential for you to complete, however without feedback the casino can not know where they are failing to satisfy you or see what they are doing right.

When chatting to a member of the support team via Live Chat it is utmost important that you speak to them with respect as well as in a polite and friendly manner. It is understandable you may be angry or frustrated due to whatever reason you are contacting them, however, this will not help resolve the problem. The Live Chat team are there to help you and are granted permission to end the conversation at any point if you continue to speak to them in an abusive, threatening or foul manner. It is always advised that when you are contacting customer support to ensure you have any supportive documents or screenshots to help explain or show the support team what the issue is.

For example: If a game gets stuck and freezes during a bonus round, take a screenshot. This way when you speak to the customer support team, you can send them the screenshot over live chat for them to have a clear understanding of exactly what has happened.

If the Live Chat team is too busy for them to take your chat, you will be notified with a message at the beginning of the chat, either stating a waiting time or which number you are in the queue. Although we have found this does not happen frequently and the Live Chat team are very responsive and speedy. Alternatively, during your chat, if you feel like the conversation is going nowhere, and the agent is unable to understand or help you with your enquiry, you can request to speak to another colleague or the manager. In this case, they will be able to transfer you directly over.

When you are looking for an online casino to play at, here at CasinoTop we highly recommend you check which customer support options are available to you. It may seem irrelevant at the time of signing up, but who knows what can happen a few weeks or months down the line. You will also find that many casinos off Live Chat in multiple languages, which makes handling a problem a lot more easier when it can be done in your native language.

Contact Customer Support via Email

If the casino you are playing at does not offer Live Chat then Email support is your next best option. Every online casino will have the option for you to contact them via email, and you can usually find the email address by clicking "contact us". Larger more established online casinos may also provide you with several different emails for various departments within the casino, such as payments and fraud department, Security, or complaints department. Although the majority of casinos online will just have the one email address.

It is fair to say that the email support team are not as quick and efficient as the Live Chat agents to resolve your issues. However, they are doing their best to keep delays to the minimal and resolve your problem within a matter of a day or two.

The email support team can help you with any query, whether it is just general questions or advice regarding payment options, gameplay, bonuses and offers and much more. One advantage of using Email is that you contact the support team no matter what time of day or night it is. Although this does not mean you will receive a response instantly. By contacting the support team via email, can sometimes take a day or two for them to look into your query and get back in touch with you. If the casino does provide several email options depending on the department you are contacting then they may have set opening hours.

To try and keep your waiting period as limited as possible when contacting customer support through email, is to ensure you have all the information and documents ready. By attaching everything relevant whether it is a screenshot or document to the email, will avoid unnecessary emails being sent to and throw dragging out the time to resolve your problem. It is always advised that you enter a subject in your email and ideally include either your account number or username in the subject field. If you do not add it to the subject, then it is vitally important that this information is included somewhere in the email, so that the casino can locate your account to answer your question. Another factor to consider when writing your email to the support team is that you have explained clearly and thoroughly that the issue is and the outcome you expect. Remember, despite being angry or frustrated, remain polite and friendly in the email. It is not the customer support agents fault if your winnings got confiscated or whatever your problem may be, they are just simply there to help, guide and advise you the best they can.

One benefit of using Email to contact the support team is that you can keep a record of everything discussed between you and the agent. We always advise that it is a good idea to keep these emails in a separate folder, as you never know when you may need them for future reference.

When submitting any documents the casino requests from you, is usually done via email, although it can be done Live Chat. Some casinos will send you updates in relation to them receiving the documents, or your documents being approved. If you receive one of these emails then you do not need to worry about replying.

Lastly, some online casinos will allow you to submit a support ticket. This works similarly to sending an email, the only difference is you do not need to use an external email address. Support tickets are all done internally through your players account at the casino. So, the casino will allow you to send a message via your account and any reply will be sent to your inbox in your casino account.

Speak directly to the support team, via telephone

With Live Chat and Email options available to players to contact the casinos' customer support team, the telephone support has become less and less popular. Although speaking directly to a real live member of the support team can seem like a simpler option as you can speak more freely and easily about your problem or any questions you may have, it can also be a disadvantage.

Firstly, international calls can come with a hefty charge, which could be avoided by using an alternative method. Although depending on the country you reside in, the casino may provide you with a local number you can contact them on. However, the chances of this are slim.

Some telephone providers may offer special bundles which allow you to make cheap calls internationally. In the same way, some online casinos' may provide you with a toll-free number for you to contact them on, which is always a bonus. If this is the case, they will usually inform you beside the contact number, but we recommend you check these factors out before making the call. A toll-free number is a number that is billed for all arriving calls, as opposed to the originating telephone subscriber, which in this case you.

Another point to consider is that telephone support will most likely only operate between certain hours and days. Again, this information should be stated on the "contact us" page where you will find the number. It is always a wise idea to check the operating hours to prevent disappointment. It is also recommended that you check the time zone the casino operates by. The majority of online casinos, operate by GMT, so depending on where you are calling from you may need to do some calculations. For example for players in Canada trying to contact an English run casino, then you might find yourself waiting until the early hours of the morning to get through to a customer support agent.

Depending on your nationality and the casino you are trying to contact you may also find you have problems overcoming language barriers. Telephone support often offers a limited range of languages spoken, which means the chances of speaking to someone in your native language are slim. This means it may not always be easy to communicate the reason you are calling with the agent, but remember to take your time to make sure both you and the agent have a clear understanding of what is being discussed.

Being rude, offensive or swearing down the telephone to a support agent is also not tolerated, so despite being irritated remember they support team are there to help you resolve your problem.
Online Casino FaQs

Basically, every online casino will have a Facts and Questions (FaQ) help page. Here you will find all the most popular or frequently asked questions, along with the answer. It is advised that if you have any questions to ask that you check here first on the FaQ page. No question is a stupid question, and if you have thought about it, then the chances are many others have too. It is advised that before you contact customer support, that you check here first as it can mean you could easily resolve the issue you have all by yourself, without it being a lengthy process.

The FaQ page is often based on the most frequently asked questions, the customer support team handle on day to day basis however, the information can alter from casino to casino. Some of the larger casinos may offer a more extensive list of questions for you to search through whereas, many other casinos will only list a handful. If by any chance your question is not listed on the Facts and Questions page, then you will need to contact customer support.

On the other hand, a FaQ page is also a great place for newly registering players to visit. When entering the world of online gambling, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of information you are expected to take on board all at once. But do not worry, if you have any doubts or queries, then you can simply refer to the FaQ section where hopefully you will find the answer to your questions.

The Facts and Questions page covers a variety of topics involving around the casino, games, software and basic information. For casinos who offer a large selection of FaQ, means that the casino might be put them into categories to make searching easier for you. The most common FaQ you can find are related to; how you can register an account with the casino, how to make a deposit or withdrawal or any concerns relating to payments, information relating to the safety and security of the casino, and much more!

For the larger established online casinos who offer an extensive volume of FaQs, there is more chance you will find FaQ to suit your needs. In these lists, you are more likely to find the answer to questions referring to bonuses and promotions, wagering requirements, if the casino requires you to download an app or software, if the casino offers any loyalty programs and how to become a VIP player and the list goes on. If you are looking for answers to more technical questions then you will most likely need to take these up with the customer support team.

You may also find the Terms and Conditions (T&C) page is helpful and knowledgeable to read. Many answers to your questions relating to the casino, will be answered in the T&C’s.

CasinoTop would advise you to take a few moments to go through the Facts and Questions before registering or playing to resolve any doubts you may have or may occur in the future. The F&Q page is usually updated over a period of time depending on the casino you are playing at, so you never know what you can learn or discover. Of course at any time if you do not feel satisfied with the result you found on the FaQ page, feel free to contact the support team who will be happy to assist you.

How can I speak to the Casino Manager?

Each and every online casino will have a designated manager on board, also known as a ‘Casino Pit Boss’. If you are looking to speak to a manager then it is simple, all you have to do is make the request. The easiest way to communicate with a casino manager is by going to the casinos Live Chat facility. If the casino you are playing at does not offer a Live Chat system then speaking to a manager may prove slightly harder. When you request in Live Chat to speak to the casino manager, the customer support agent will simply pass our conversation over to the appointed manager.

If the online casino you have chosen to play at does not offer a Live Chat facility, then speaking to a manager is more difficult, however, it is not impossible. It will require a more lengthy process as you will be required to contact the support team via email, where you will have to wait for a response. This could take several emails and days before you are finally put in contact with a casino manager.

playing at does not have a live chat option, then getting to speak to a casino manager can be a little more difficult, although not impossible. It will be a lot slower in order to speak to a casino manager as this would need to be done via email, but is just a matter of persistence. Email the casino requesting to speak to a manager and then take it from there.

You are entitled as a player to speak to a casino manager at any point. Although bear in mind that some casinos may only have a manager on-site during certain hours, which means if you are playing at night and request to speak to a manager this may not be possible until the following day. In this case, you can request to speak to a Team leader who is trained to handle these situations in a professional managerial manner.

You may request to speak to a manager for many reasons, whether you are unhappy with something relating to the casino such as your winnings being voided, lack of game choice, disputes over bonuses and promotions or you were satisfied with the service you were provided by the support team. By speaking directly to a manager could help resolve your problem quickly and easily or provide you with more professional help and advice.

Never be afraid to request to speak to an online casino manager. As a casino manager, they are generally more informative and able to resolve questions and queries quickly and simply. As a manager also hold more authority over a customer support agent, for example, they are more inclined to offer other solutions or complimentary gifts such as some free spins on a game, to keep you sweet and satisfied.

How can casinos customer support determine whether the casino is good or bad?

The customer support department can determine a lot about a casino. Although in most cases you will most likely not need to use the customer support, there are times you will and this contributes to your player experience. By knowing what customer support you have available to you is important and how this can determine whether a casino is good or bad.

Here at CasinoTop, we have laid out all the options available to you and what they can offer you. If you have not had a chance to check our guidelines then let me quickly go over the customer support options that are available including Live Chat, Phone support and Email. If your looking to contact customer support and Live Chat is available then this would be the most effective and quickest form of communication between you and the casino. Not all online casinos’ offer Live Chat currently which does not mean they are a bad casino, although the vast majority of them do.

When looking for the ideal casino to play at and are looking for quick and easy help when you require it then it is recommended that you look for a casino with Live Chat. Email can be a lengthy process and telephone support may not always be able to help you directly over the phone resulting in having to also communicate with via email if you are required to send documents or proof of evidence.

One factor that makes an online casino good is that it offers you multiple ways to contact the support team rather than just one.Always check this out before you play at a casino online, or sign up for an account. By a casino offering multiple ways for you to communicate with the customer support department, which means they cater for each players needs. Some players may prefer to stick to the old traditional ways of phoning and emailing, whereas many players prefer to chat directly over Live Chat.

By a casino offering Live Chat, this essentially makes an online casino good. Not only does Live Chat enable you to speak quickly and freely to a customer support agent, but it is usually offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means it does not matter what time of day you are playing, you will be able to get support and help simply by opening up a Live Chat. Depending on the country you reside in may mean that there is a time difference between you and the casino you are playing at. With Live Chat offered 24/7 you can avoid having to wait until certain hours in order to catch the customer support team who is based elsewhere in the world.

A bad online casino might only offer one customer support option, in this case it will most likely be email. Emails can be a slow and lengthy process, leaving you wondering if the casino has received your email or if your case is being looked into. Afterall, there is nothing worse than trying to resolve an issue you are already irritated about and then waiting a long time for it to be resolved.

Just because an online casino offers Live Chat does not necessarily mean it is a good casino though. When entering a new casino site, why not test the Live Chat support before you begin to play or register an account.Here you can check if the customer support team are friendly and helpful, at the same time willing to go the extra mile to help you out. You can also check what languages are available for you to chat to the support team in. If your native language is not available, it is important to check to see if you can overcome any language barriers. Afterall, there is nothing more frustrating than having a problem and not being able to communicate it across.

If the casino only offers you phone support as an option then there are several things you need to take into consideration. Firstly, do they offer a toll-free phone or are international charges applied. If charges are applied then this means you can run up a shocking bill which essentially does not give you a good experience when dealing with the support team. You also need to consider if phone support team speak in your native language. Not being able to communicate freely and easily can make a situation more frustrating and possibly delay the time in your problem being resolved. Lastly you need to consider the phone line support opening hours, as in most cases they will not offer a 24/7 service.

As mentioned earlier on, it is important that the casino is able to offer numerous support options. When looking at playing at a new online casino it is important to check to see if there are any timeframes in place in which you can expect a response. A couple days is understandable but up to a week can be very annoying. Remember, there is no harm in testing the customer support before hand, by asking them some questions and seeing what standard of support they provide you.

Overall, if you want to avoid disappointment in the future, check out the customer support before hand. You never know when you may need to contact them, whether it is in regards to your payments or finances, queries about your game play etc. It is also important that you feel comfortable and secure using the customer support options available to you, so you can have a better experience at the casino without any worries.

You may never need to contact customer support, but hey! There is no harm is testing it out just in case!

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