How to differentiate between good and bad casinos when it comes to payments

There are no real general rules for which casinos are good and bad when it comes to payments, but there are differences. Unfortunately grouping them together can be a bit difficult, and to find out you’ll have to carefully read the terms and conditions on the site itself. However, in our casino reviews, you can read about the payment methods available and the general rules for deposits and withdrawals, which should help out. When checking if a casino is good or bad, there are some things you should look for, and these are the most important ones:

  • Payment methods available
  • Processing time for withdrawals
  • Minimum and max withdrawal per day, week or month
  • Fees for processing, exchange and transaction

Payment methods available

Most casinos have the common payment methods available, and these are VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller and PaysafeCard. There are very few casinos that don’t offer these options. For a casino to score high on the available payment methods, they should also offer other methods for deposits and withdrawals, such as Maestro, ecoPayz, bank transfer, bitcoin and/or MuchBetter. They won’t receive a very high score in the Canadian market unless they also offer Instadebit, iDebit and Interac, as these are the localized payment methods for us. In general, the withdrawal methods available will be the same as the deposit methods.

Processing time for withdrawals

The speed in which you’ll get your withdrawals processed and sent to you from each casino is very different, and it can also be different at the same casino depending on the time of day you request your withdrawals, as some times are busier than others. For us Canadian players we can however usually get our cash-outs processed quicker than most other players. This is because we are playing at casinos with Europe as their main market, in addition to Canada, which means we are playing at times when not so many other players are online and requesting withdrawals. This way we can avoid the busiest times.

With that said some casinos offer faster withdrawals than the others, as they also offer automatic withdrawals. Identifying those casinos can however be a bit tricky, as they most often don’t actually advertise this. As a general rule you can also say that a new casino, or a small casino, will process your withdrawals faster than the big ones, as they don’t have as many withdrawals to process on a daily basis. At least this is true for manual processing during office hours on weekdays.

Minimum and max withdrawals per day, week or month

The limits of how much you can withdraw is something you can easily check, as this should be covered in the terms and conditions. Here there is a huge difference between casinos, as it is almost always the big casinos who can offer big payouts in a short time frame. Smaller casinos might have set this limit very low, making it take longer to get a big amount of money out of your casino account. The reason for this is simple, and it has to do with available funds. The big casinos can afford to pay out big winnings, as they have the money available.

Fees for processing, exchange and transaction

It’s pretty easy to find out whether a casino is charging any fees. You can either read their T&Cs to find out, or simply contact their support department and ask. If you play a lot or make big deposits and withdrawals, the fees, or lack of them, can make a huge difference as to how much money you actually get. If you have to pay a fee for depositing money, a fee for an exchange into another currency, a fee for the processing of the withdrawal and then another transaction fee for the withdrawal this will all add up. You can even end up paying almost 10% just in fees! This can be a lot of money, so choosing a casino who doesn’t add on any fees is always the best. This is also perhaps the easiest way to differentiate between good and bad casinos when it comes to payments.

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