How to Play Table Games

No matter which casino you choose, land based or online, you’ll always find a wide variety of table games. Table games are traditionally played with a dealer or croupier, and many consider these the “real” casino games. Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Poker and Craps are the most popular versions, and when you’re playing online, most of them can be found both as a form of slot machine and as live games, which you can find in the Live Casino.

Play Table Games live or on a slot

Even though table games are, of course, traditionally played live, you also have the option of playing them on a form of online slot machine. Since you’re never playing against other players in classic table games, there really isn’t much of a difference in how the games work online. The biggest difference is that the game goes faster when you’re playing on a machine because you don’t have to wait for the other players around the table to make up their minds about their bets and moves. As soon as you’ve decided (and there’s no time limit to how long you can take), the game will start and the game round will be played out immediately, whether you’re playing a card game or roulette. Other benefits to playing on a machine are that you can choose more freely which bet to play, you can choose from a huge variety of different game types, and last but not least – you’ll never find a game that’s full, so you won’t have to wait to get a free seat to play.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons you could, and maybe even should, choose to play on a machine when playing table games. But if entertainment is what you’re really after, no doubt playing live is a better option. Now, in 2019, almost all Canadian online casinos offer something called a Live Casino, and this is where you can play table games with a live dealer. They’re set up just the same way as they are in land based casinos, except that there are cameras instead of chairs in front of the table, so players can follow the game and participate through a live stream. Some game providers even send their live streams directly from a real land based casino so that players online can feel the excitement and get a sense of the real casino experience, even when they’re playing from home.

Roulette – the most popular casino game in the world

There is no casino game in the world as popular as Roulette — and that’s a fact — whether you’re playing online or in a “real” casino. If you’re looking for a really big selection of these games you should definitely choose to play online, since some of the biggest online casinos can have more than a hundred of roulette games! That might seem a bit over the top because there is no limit to how many players that can participate at a table in roulette, but it’s actually not since there are loads of different versions of the game, and every table needs to have a bet limit, both for the minimum and maximum bet per game round. This way both low rollers and high rollers can find a table perfectly suited to their bets and they can get the most out of their roulette strategies.

Versions of Roulette online

For us Canadian players, American Roulette is considered the “normal” roulette game, and this version can be found at every casino. In fact, the casinos love it when players choose American Roulette because this is where the house edge is the highest, meaning it’s the roulette game where the casino makes the most money. This makes it a good example of when choosing the “normal” thing isn’t really a good idea since other versions of roulette will give you a better chance of winning.

In addition to American Roulette, European Roulette is also considered quite normal, and in many parts of the words, including most of Europe, this is the standard version of roulette. Here, the house edge is only half of what it is in the American version, meaning a player’s chances of winning are higher. If you want to take away even more of the casino’s edge, you should also check out French Roulette since the house edge in this game is cut in half compared to European Roulette. American, European and French are considered the three main versions of roulette.

If you want to try other types of roulette online, you should try Double Ball Roulette, Golden Ball Roulette, Lightnin Roulette or even Multi Wheel Roulette.

Short introduction to Roulette

Before starting to play roulette, you should check which version the table offers. If you can find a table with an European Roulette wheel, this is almost always a good option. You can easily see if the wheel is European or American by checking how many green slots the wheel has. If it has one green slot marked with a 0, then it’s the good kind. If the wheel has two green slots marked with 0 and 00, then it’s an American wheel, and your chances of winning in the long run are drastically decreased. The reason is that the green slots are the house edge in roulette, so the fewer of these on the wheel the better.

The whole point of the casino game roulette is to guess where the little white ball is going to land on the wheel. To make sure this is completely random, the ball is set up to spin around the wheel counter-clockwise, while the wheel itself is also spinning, but in a clockwise direction. When the ball loses speed it will eventually land in a slot, and the slot it lands in is the result of the game. The wheel itself it has either 37 or 38 slots. There are always 18 red and 18 black slots, which are marked with numbers from 1 to 36. In addition, there are the green slots, and there will be one or two of these depending on whether it’s an American or a European wheel.

When you bet, you bet on the table next to the wheel, or on a pop-up virtual table if you’re playing online. You can then choose if you want to play “inside” or “outside” bets. Outside bets are always recommended if you want to play with a roulette strategy that increases your chances of winning, like a Martingale strategy. And, if you want to win in roulette long term, this is one of the best strategies, as long as the table limits are high and you don’t run out of money…


The most popular card game in the world is blackjack. Many people think blackjack is a game where getting to 21 is the main goal, but this is not actually the case. The goal is to get more points than the dealer, without exceeding 21. In general the rules for this game are quite simple to learn, making it way more popular than, for instance, baccarat or casino poker, but knowing the rules and mastering the game are two different things entirely. In fact, since blackjack is a game of skill as much as a game of chance, there are a lot of professional blackjack players in the world who actually make a living (and then some) from just playing blackjack.

Blackjack against dealer – not other players

When you play blackjack the goal is not to beat other players, but to beat the house, which is represented by the dealer. This makes blackjack a perfect game to play on a slot machine because other players will not affect your chances of winning. However, if you choose to play live blackjack, this does provide you with a more “real” casino experience when you’re playing at an online casino. The issue you might encounter is that, since this is a game where you’ll have to make multiple choices, each player needs to have their own hand, meaning cards. And with only 7 spots per table, you may have to wait for a spot to open up. Most often, you won’t have any problem finding an available spot anyway, since blackjack is the casino game with the most tables in most Live Casinos online.

There is even a version of blackjack online that you’ll never find at a land based casino, and it’s called Blackjack Multiplayer Common Draw. At this table, you’ll always find a spot because there’s no limit to the number of players the dealer can play against at once. The dealer only plays against one hand and will deal the cards to fit every possible choice. The players simply bet on what they want, and their choice is the only one that matters, even though they will also see all of the other possible outcomes. This game was first invented by the game provider NetEnt, as a part of their live game selection.

Short introduction to Blackjack

As with most other table games, blackjack can be found and played in a lot of different versions, but like roulette, the most common one is the American version. In American Blackjack, the dealer starts by dealing 2 cards to each player and 2 cards for the house. Both of the player’s cards are dealt face up, while the dealer will show only the house’s first card, and keep the second house card face down until all players have played their hands. In some versions of blackjack, the dealer will not even draw the second house card until all of the players have made their decisions. This is the case in European Blackjack.

When the dealer has deal each player their two cards, the game begins. The first thing you should check is if the dealer has an ace facing up. If that’s the case, insurance can be purchased to prevent losses in the event the dealer’s second card has a value of 10, giving the dealer “blackjack,” which means 21 points with only 2 cards. Before we move on, let’s go through the card values in blackjack:

  • Cards 2 - 10 have their stated value
  • Jack, Queen and King are valued at 10
  • Ace is valued at either 1 or 11, depending on which value fits the best with the hand. An ace used at 1 gives you a “hard” hand, while an ace used as 11 makes the hand “soft.” This means an ace and a 7 can be used as either a soft 18 or a hard 8.

After you’ve made a decision about whether you want to buy insurance or not, if you have the option, it’s time to start looking at your own cards. You can now split any pairs, stand with the cards you have, fold if you don’t want to play your hand, draw more cards, or double down to just get one more card. At this point, you can also double your bet. These rules are the standard ones (American Blackjack), but some versions of blackjack might not offer all of these options, or may have limitations on when the options can be used or not. Knowing the rules for the version you play is a must, if you want to succeed in beating the dealer.


The game baccarat is not as popular amongst players as roulette and blackjack, especially not amongst recreational players or low rollers. However, baccarat is quite popular among high rollers in land based casinos because the bet limit is high. In fact, a $2000 minimum bet is not uncommon at a baccarat table in land based casinos. In contrast, online casinos does offer this game, even for low rollers.

What’s a bit different in baccarat games when compared, for instance, to roulette and blackjack is that baccarat can be both a game of skill and a game of chance. When playing at a Live Casino online, Punto Banco, simply called Baccarat, is the game that is most often offered, and this is a game of chance. The cards are drawn and what you bet on is basically whether the player wins or the bank wins, which means getting the highest number.

Another special aspect of baccarat is that there are several cards used, but the maximum number of points you can have is 9. This is because only the rightmost digit in the number is counted, making, for example, 7 and 5 (total 12) the result of 2 points. In other words, this is a very bad baccarat game since 8 and 9 are the best number of points to have.

Baccarat can be played both live and on a slot machine at online casinos.

Casino Poker

Poker is a very popular casino game, but “real” poker isn’t really considered a casino game at online casinos. What you’ll find there are poker games that are played against a dealer, but this can be done using a lot of different rules in the different versions. “Real” poker, which is played against other players, can have a wide variety of rules. So can casino poker. Casino poker games are, however, usually based on either Texas Hold’em, Five Card Poker or Omaha Poker.

When you want to play casino poker with a live dealer, there are three version that almost all casinos offer. These are Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and some sort of Casino Hold’em. If you want to play Casino Hold’em, we recommend that you chose this game from the game provider Evolution Gaming, since they also give you the opportunity to place a side bet that enters you in the progressive jackpot, which is often one of the biggest jackpots you’ll find at a casino online. You’ll also always find a jackpot in Caribbean Stud Poker since this is a part of the game itself and not something the game provider has added on to give players more options.

In addition to casino poker, which you can play live at a Live Casino online or on a slot, there are also the games called video poker. These are simpler slots where the concept of poker is used, but the game is much, much simpler. Drawing cards to try to get a pair or simply the highest card is usually the goal. These games can be found either in a separate category in the game browser or among the table game slots or normal slots.


Craps is perhaps the most iconic casino game of all time. What makes it special is that it can be just as entertaining to watch other people playing as it is to actually throw the dice yourself. The need to actually throw the dice is, however, also the reason this game doesn’t really exist at online casinos because it requires physical participation from the player. But, online casinos have also done their best to try to offer the game anyway.

If you want to play craps according to the real rules online, you only have two options: you can either play a digital version on a slot, or you can play through live stream from a land based casino. Your turn to actually throw the dice will, of course, never come around, but you can still bet on the outcome of the live shooter’s throw.

Even though craps itself is not commonly found online, you can find other versions of dice games. One of the newest games that we can recommend is Lightning Dice from Evolution Gaming, where you bet on the outcome of the dice falling through some kind of machine. Not only can you win in the “normal” way in this live casino game, you can even get multipliers that make the max win 1000 times your bet!

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