Humorous Dog’s Names Related to Gambling

We’ve all heard how dogs are a man’s best friend! Most of us have pooches in our lives and our home wouldn’t be complete without them. Casino gambling is also very popular and combining the two things most people really love is not so unusual when you think about it. So if you have a new puppy and you’re looking for an interesting name related to your favourite pastime, then look no further than the list we’ve compiled for you. Don’t blame us, however, if you get some weird looks at the park when you call out to your dog and her name is Big Bertha! Some of the following names are not so unusual but others are a little left of centre. So here at CasinoTop, we thought we’d take a look at some dog’s names that are gambling inspired, obviously by such people who are fond of both.

Female Dog Names

Let’s take a look at the fairer sex of doggie names, some are actually male or female.

Big Bertha

This is the name of a popular multi-reeled slot game. It’s quite a common pet’s name believe it or not, probably because it’s cute and quirky for a medium to large, cuddly dog!


I’m sure those of you that have placed or won bets on horse races or football games have done so through a Bookie, which is actually the short name for ‘Bookmaker’.


This is a famous brand of slot machine with its bright lights, sweet-smelling treats, stalls full of games of skill with big prizes. You can imagine a smallish bouncy pup answering to this name!


Favourite place and our favourite pet. Makes sense!


We may feel like we’ve won the jackpot when we get a dog we absolutely adore! It's certainly something we love receiving while playing our favourite slot game too!


Great for a rescue dog who’s really struck it lucky in its new home


This one is after the famous Paris casino and hotel in Las Vegas. Also perfect for an elegant poodle.


Often used to refer to new gamblers. It’s quite a funny name for a dog, given that it is actually a bird!


Fans of this table game of chance should consider Roulette as a name for their dog.


This one is a really fun name, usually used to refer to a person who is having a lucky winning streak.


ZigZag is the pet name used to describe multi-line slots. This name could suit most types of pups, especially the more boisterous ones.

Male dog names

Here we have the more masculine oriented dog names although, in reality, most of these names are also unisex.


Only a top dog could be called this most valuable of cards from a deck.


The winner of this popular game is the person left holding the highest value after dividing by 10. Very cute name too.


This is definitely one of the most popular dog names and a game people love to play. Purely based on chance, you match the numbers called out to the card of numbers you’ve been given.


Definitely one of the cooler names for your dog, but he has to be a pretty laid back dude for this one! The aim of Blackjack is to get a face card or a ten combined with an ace and you’re in luck!


This was the name of the man who put up the funds for the Flamingo casino in Las Vegas.


Chips are the currency used when playing at a casino. Chip is a very cute puppy name!
What you’ll hopefully win plenty of after a successful session at the casino.


We all love a joker, someone or something that makes us laugh as well as the replacement card for all other cards in a deck.


Elvis was known as the king and he was a huge Vegas performer in his day. Also one of the face cards with a high value. Great for a regal dog like an Alsatian or Great Dane.


Named after the infamous gambling destination of Monte Carlo. A name of true character and charm!

We hope you were inspired by our choice of gambling dog names. We hope to hear from the Canadian dog lovers out there with any other interesting ones you may have heard of or indeed called your own dogs.

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