I made a deposit but my balance hasn’t changed, now what?

It happens once in a while, although not very often, that a deposit is delayed. When this happens we often say that a deposit is stuck, as it has been held up somewhere on the way from your account to the casino account. When this happens you need to take action, as it can take quite a while for the casino to realize that there was an issue with a deposit, so if you don’t do anything you might end up waiting for weeks for your deposit to arrive.

Delayed deposit? Check your account and contact support

If you’ve made a deposit into your casino account but it didn’t arrive on time the first thing you should check is your bank statement. You need to see if the money has been deducted, and if so, when. If it hasn’t been deducted something obviously didn’t work as it should, and you can simply retry the deposit. Should it fail again you should check if you have reached a deposit limit of some sort, or contact your bank for further assistance. If it has been deducted check the time, and if possible take a screenshot of the transaction, and find the transaction ID.

The next step is to contact customer support at the casino. If you’re lucky they might be able to push the deposit through for you, so it gets credited to your account immediately. If that’s not possible for them to do you need to give them the transaction ID, and you can also send them the screenshot of the transaction. They will then escalate the case to the payments team, which in turn can contact the payment provider. However, they will most likely only do this if the deposit is delayed for more than 30 minutes or so.

Getting information about your payment

To be able to solve a problem with a missing, delayed or stuck deposit the casino will ask you to provide some information. Most often this is information you can find on your bank statement, but at some banks, you might have to contact their support to get to the details you need. This includes transaction ID’s, a timestamp for the payment, and other routing information. All you need to do is contact the bank, inform them that you made a payment that never reached its destination and that you need the information they have connected to it to track the payment down.

This is something banks deal with all the time, so they will know what it is you’ll be needing. This information you then just forward to the casino, and after that, all you have to do is wait for them to get back to you. If you don’t hear anything in a day or two, contact them again to check the status of their investigation.

When a deposit is delayed for days

If your deposit is delayed for a long time it’s likely it got stuck somewhere. This means it left your account, but never made it to the casino. If this is the case, the issue is most likely with the payment provider, and unfortunately, there is nothing the casino can do, other than informing the provider of the transaction and wait for a solution from them. This does not happen very often, and if it does it’s usually a problem with the routing of the payment.

When this does occur it’s most often because of some missing information when performing a bank transfer. If there is missing information about the bank account the deposit should go into, or if your player ID has gone missing from the transaction, this can cause quite a delay. By providing the information you have about the transaction, which you get from your bank, the payment processor should be able to track the payment down, so you can get it funded to your player account at the casino. If they are not successful in releasing the payment it will get sent back to where it came from, meaning your bank account. You never have to worry that the payment is lost, as you will get the money somehow, either to your casino account or back to your bank account, but unfortunately, this can take quite some time, sometimes as long as several weeks.

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